From an early age, I have always beenasked what career I want to do in the future, as always my response would be: alawyer.

And that has never changed. Why? Because I have always been intrigued bythe way the law functions, how the system of rules regulates behaviour andseeks for justice. My passion for law continued to grow by watching my motherdo what she has always dreamed of, which was to become a lawyer. My motherworked hard to be who is she is now, and I believe it is for me to follow herpath. She has also reinforced my determination to reach my goal. I am lookingforward to studying law because I want society to be justified and right, whichis what I believe lawyers do.

Seek justice. Certainly, it is why this career isalways on my radar. What amazes me the most in law is how functionalit is in our everyday lives, how practicing law leads to the probability ofmaking a difference in both the clientele’s lives and our community. Being alawyer would be a privilege to be defending human rights as well as fightingfor equal treatment. I believe that law is not hard work rewarded by wealth butmore of self-satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishing the objectives of your career,connoting to being an honest individual.What motivates me more and more everyday to reach my goal is that as an IB student taking History, Mathematics, and BusinessI have learnt several things that drive me more into studying law, particularlyin History.

Getting to study and enjoy rational arguments about the Holocaust,the Civil rights movement, or the Apartheid has taught me a lot about humanity.Mainly on how all prejudices ruined lives of countless innocent people, for theonly cause of their differences that were not accepted nor welcomed by societywhether it being gender inequality, race, politics, religion, social class, andmany others. In that case I wish to change and protect these differences.Last summer in 2017, I personally wasfortunate to obtain the opportunity to join the legal profession in a law firm,as an intern. That pushed me further into pursuing my dreams, that permitted meto gain more skills such as social and communicating skills which I believe is neededfor law.

Being my school’s basketball captainand house leader has strengthened my team working skills, as well as myleadership abilities and made me a great competitor. Outside the fact that I enjoydoing volunteering work, group works, do analytical thinking, problem solvingand negotiating issues. This entire experience permitted me to boost my self-confidence.The ability of doing extra-curricular activities has enabled me to learn how tobalance my social and academic life.My inspirations to practice law arethings such as, the society in which we live in… several people are not heardbecause of their differences that detach them from the community, and insteadthese people are in fact neglected, as well as they are the same people I wishto help. My aim to become a lawyer is not for the cliché reason that it is along assured career or pays a high salary, on the contrary, it is important forme to utilize my passion by performing the ability to provide my services tothe community, defend ideas, and work on fascinating and challenging topics.

What I love the most is the feeling of fulfilling justice.I am thoroughly aware that decidingto study law is not a course that should be taken lightly. It requires beinghardworking, committed and intellectually disciplined, features that I presume aresearched in a decent lawyer. Choosing the UK as my destination is for the solepurpose that British Universities are able to offer outstanding courses, lifechanging opportunities and great faculties. So therefore, being able to proceedwith my studies in the UK would be an ideal chance to attain a career I havealways wanted.


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