Fresh health care workers have to face many types dilemmas in homes or even clinics. It is so because, all the patients would not be in the same group of age and thus their ways of attending each patients would not be the same. Therefore, the higher management should ensure to teach them all the strategies to enhance new employees about the job in a care setting which are as follows: Firstly, monitoring is a must for new employees in helping them to get the proper knowledge about how to deal with patients practically and how to pass all the transmission of ideas and knowledge.

Along with this, another aspect is training which means to show the health care worker how to work correctly. It will help them to know their patients even more better and also to reduce upcoming mistakes.The next category is the kinesthetic learning style that helps the newcomers to be able to access knowledge faster and quicker. Physical work is an example of kinesthetic data and is one of the best way for a worker to consider as learning style.

 Lastly but not the least, learning in team also can play a vital role among health workers. A group of workers can be form a team for a following work or research. Once the job is done, they can disperse away as it is not a permanent group. The name given to that is collaborative learning. Nevertheless, barriers in learning may be a major problem for the working people in a health care setting. If there is a particular training and a person is absent has misses it.

It will be a real problem to that task. The information would not passed like it should be. The employee could misinterpretation the communication which he will get verbally from his colleagues. Another barrier of communication is, lets consider a case of hear loss. A dump person is actually a health care assistant at our well known clinic.

He cannot be deprived of getting knowledge about learning new styles of work. But it would be difficult for him to mingle among others as well in trying to communicate also. He must use a hearing aid machine for a better hearing and then try to implement the ways of learning practice. The senior members of health care workers must ensure that the appropriate feedback about their performance given and judge to all their newly employees.

The feedback will show how the employees are doing with their patients or how they can improve their learning abilities. Planning is the next major aspect as it motivates the learning skills of the workers. Proper aims and goals can be achieved through a good planning. For example,”Which patients has to attended? What would be the duties?” New workers must be inspired by their senior to be able to work into collaboration and in a better team management into the health care sector. Working like a team is always a better way. This letter has suggested some of learning outcomes which a new employee of health sector may learn his best. Different learning consists of VARK model, Bloom’s taxonomy and Mumford’s learning style.

All these given information will enhance the knowledge of a newly worker of health care setting. New employees must follow the path and guidance of the old members so as to be able to perform better in the professional career.


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