For the past so many centuries, coffee has delighted both the young and old alike. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. had eulogized coffee in 1891 by saying that “The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce.” This is so true of most people. One cannot really start a day without the heavenly smell of this freshly brewed beverage.Some of the connoisseurs of coffee opine that coffee has two virtues; one it’s wet and the other that it’s warm. But both give a delightful feeling and totally relax and refresh the drinker. Jesssi Lane Adams once said that “Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven. ” What else can be so heavenly other than a cup of hot coffee? And that too which you get in bed early in the morning!!But then it is not just the older generation which is a fan of this lovely beverage. Even the children enjoy this drink very much. How can anybody miss out the joyous expression on a child’s face when he/she has had a glass full of cold coffee after a tiring play day? The expression says it all about this brew.The children are always hyper-active and loose track of time while they are busy playing. This can easily cause them to become dehydrated. Dehydration can make them ill. In the summer season, especially, there should be a greater intake of liquids. This can be done by drinking lots of water and also some amount of milk. But to get the children to drink milk without throwing a tantrum is always a feat achieved. So the next best option is to add something to the milk and water and offer it to them.Here enters the magical COFFEE!! Which child can resist a cup of the drink and if it is served in their favorite cartoon styled cup?The coffee has changed forms according to the regions and the climatic conditions. In the hot and humid climate, people prefer to have a cup of iced coffee or a cold coffee. Hot coffee is also used but with the advent of the cold coffee, there have been many variations in this drink. Children love it when there is a dollop of ice-cream put in the coffee. There are many people who love to have coffee mixed with some amount of alcohol content.There are many recipes which have been developed over the years which can be served with various kinds of meals. Some of the coffees like the Brazilian coffee and the Jamaican coffee is always a hot favorite (no pun intended).Some of the recipes are really simple and do not require too many ingredients too. They can easily be made by children too. There are others, like the gourmet coffee which needs special care. These types of beverages are a complex mix of various ingredients like alcohol, some herbs and other spices. They can be created by experts only and have a distinct flavor and taste.Some of the people prefer to have their coffee very strong and bitter while others like it mild. But whatever the choice, there is no escaping from this enticing drink called the Coffee and one cup a day is never enough for the coffee lovers. As some of the people who appreciate this brew say “Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin!!”Therefore anyone who tries to criticize this wonderful drink, one can easily refute him be saying that “Life Certainly Begins After Coffee. “


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