For Students: Manystudents still consider traditional learning as the best way to achieveknowledge, online learning provesto be a great alternative. One of the great advantages is that students havethe chance to study in their own time. It represents a great way to study manyfields and to boost the level of self-motivation. Online learning is so effective because students can finishtheir homework assignments quickly, and there is more time left for hobbies or forgoing to work. I’m a prime example of why e-learning is an advantage. I am astudent that works during the day and manages a 1-year-old son and spouse.

E-learningcan be overwhelming when juggling everything else in your life but it isn’t impossible.The most important thing is time management. If you have small children, youshould definitely take advantage of nap time and times when you’re free. Beingflexible makes e-learning convenient. Everything will get done early or on timeso that you don’t fall behind. E-learning makes it possible for nearly anyoneto go back to school. One of the disadvantages of e-learning in a student’sperspective is that their not computer literate. They depend on a teacher toteach them on every subject.

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Some people absolutely need an educator to learnsuccessfully. Believe or not, for some people, the online class makes it easierto procrastinate. There is no one to remind or hound you about completing classassignments. You must be responsible for your own learning. ForTeachers: A teacher can immediately help you with your problems and canget to the core of the problem. If the classroom environment is what youlove most about learning, you may want to take a step back and reconsider e-learning.

You’ll likely get some interaction on chat rooms, discussion boards and throughemail, but the experience will be quite different than traditional courses. Students may feel isolated from theirprofessor and classmates. As a teacher, I would feel terrible knowing that onemy students are failing. It means that the online structures aren’t fit fortheir life for them to manage their assignments. In a teacher perspective, oneof the good advantages of e-learning can be taught different learning styles.

Itcan help develop knowledge of the internet and computer skills. Educators wantstudents to join discussions and provide a response to a post. By doing so,they get a wider range of perspectives. While traditional classrooms let studentsgain support and personal relationships with teachers, online courses onlyoffer online. On the plus side of things, onlinecourses save a great amount of money; fewer teachers, fewer books and no moneyto spend on a room to educate. For some teachers, a great advantage isbeing able to put up assignments for your students to complete ahead of timeand allowing them to work on it before its actually due.


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