For the live performance critique, Idecided to attend Disneys’ Beauty and the Beast at “the Media TheaterPerforming of the Arts”. The Media Theater venue of the was  beautiful, I have never seen anything like itbefore. The way the theater was designed, was magical as if you wereexperiencing the real Disney moment.  The”pre-show” of the play was well organized. The staff member treated people verywell with a warm welcome in the venue of the box office. At the entrance door,they welcome you with postcard of the Disney’s Beauty and the Beast performingshow.

There were quite a number of people in line buying the ticket at the boxoffice booth. It’s was convenient for me to get in very easy because I didn’thave to wait in line for several minutes because I had already pay for myticket in advance. Once at the front of the show right before you enter, thereare other shows advertised so that people can see what is being shown on thenext theater schedule. In front of the ticket booth the staff members wasasking people about if it was a first time for them attending the show. If not,there were telling them about the overall history of their theater as well ashow many shows they present to the audience per week.

I was so in love of thetheater especially the way they welcome you and make you comfortable before theshow begins. Once inside the Venue, you can see the nice set up of the scenewell organized with beautiful light and designed. Everything was set to almost as  you were at Diseney’s land.Theshow was well depicted as well each character played a specific role in theplay. The play ultimately center around a character called Belle, a beautiful girl who is symbolized by “Beauty”, and the Beast, whois really a prince stuck under the curse of a magician. The Beast in the castneed to  learn how to love and be lovedso that the spell will end.Overall, I would say I have verymuch enjoyed the cast of the whole show of Beauty and the Beast that I attendedlast week at The Media Theater for the Performing Art.

Beauty and the Beast isa great Disney movie and I remember I used to watch it over and over again. ButI had never seen the real play at the performing theater. I must say that it isdefinitely a different scene. I was very happy with the way the characters performedthe play.

When I was watching the show, automatically I tough of a fairytale. Theperformer of the show made the Beauty and the Beast role a special show andthey all work tirelessly together to make the show more excitement and enjoyable.I loved the way they brought excitement on the scene and everyone in theaudience have loved it. Over all I had a nice experience watching the show. Thepart I enjoyed the most was the fact how joyful the character was on the scene.Everyone was so excited and they did a very good job presenting to theaudience. When it comes to the characters, Ithink everyone played their part well. You could see and feel the excitementand enjoyment of presenting this show to the audience.

Alanna J. Smith whoplayed Belle is a young strong, smart, and independent woman. Hercharacter really showed the true beauty of the Beauty and the Beast. Garret Jay Yoder who portraythe Beast did not really show the strong and affectionate love toward Alanna inthe play. He was not convincing showing the true love toward Alanna. I think heplayed a little more barbaric than showing he affection and true lover towardAlanna. But he interacts well with the beauty. Bob Stineman who representsGaston in the play is absolutely the complete opposite of the Beast.

He isself-centered and not very happy. I think he does not attract more attention inthe play because of his anger. The area I did not like about the play was when theBeast costume horn got stock into Belle hair while performing. I just think thatpart of the play was a little careless act of the beast even though he wasshowing the Beast side of himself could have avoid such incident.

 I have seen other play but I have never feltsuch a sense of happiness like I did with Beauty and the Beast at The MediaTheater of Performing Art. It was quite impressing to see the atmospherein the auditorium, it was magnificent. The producer did a great job introducingthe young character in the production.The younger ages in the play have anenhanced fairytale feeling. I did not know that the show was going to be castsby 11 younger characters. I didn’t expect it to be well played and thought itwould have an fundamental feeling to it, but I was very wrong and felt as ifthe ages chosen for this Disney production was an excellent decision. I believeit would be hard to portray the innocence needed for many of the characters ofBeauty and the Beast if you chose anyone other than children or young teens.

The reason why I choose this cast was because it was recommended to me byfriends and also my love for Disney’s Movies in general. They told me that itwas a very good cast. I think that is what exited me the most to see the play.My son is also a big fan of Disney’s movies as well. In fact, my husband and Itook him to Disney where we all enjoy our time there. Beauty and the Beastremind me of the magical movie Disney’s itself play at the Magical Kingdom inDisney Land. I love the way it takes you to a different world and you suddenlyforget all that’s going on in your life. It was a good feeling during the showand it felt like on a fairytale world with the excellent vocal, well sustains,fun and original creative costumes.

The costumes in the Beauty and The Beastwas more fictional and well designed by the producer during the show and therewas a distinction to which you could not be confused to which character isplaying which role. Each cast member was right on target as they transformedinto the character they were portraying, all the way to the different articulations,which was surprising to me as it seems it would be very difficult. I amsatisfied with the choice I made to go to the Beauty and The Beast productionit was well beyond my expectations and very enjoyable. I would attend this playagain and again.

I look forward to attending another production cast. I haveattended many other shows, but I think this particular play was definitely aperfect holiday treat for the audience.           


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