Food and Beverage Services canbe widely portrayed as the path toward prepare, presenting and serving of foodand beverages to the customers. When it comes to hospitality management, Foodand Beverage Department comes to play a very important role. F&B Departmentmeans the department in a hospitality management sector which handleseverything from preparing the food and beverages to the proper handling andserving to the customers as per their demand. Food and beverage departmentis one of the most important departments for any hotel. A hotel without thepresence of a proper functioning F&B department cannot be considered ahotel at all.Food and Beverage Department (F&B) is responsible for many things such as:maintaining high quality of food and service, cost management, management ofthe restaurants, bars and many more.

In terms of revenue generation, Food andBeverage Department is very crucial as it stand on number two of the toprevenue generating sector in hospitality management. The important functionsinclude the design and development of menus, pricing, portion control, wastagecontrol, customer staff relations and staff training.Staff Turnover has seemed tobe one of the top challenges encountered by the Hospitality Industry.Considering F&B as an important establishment for better customer serviceand satisfaction, it cannot be denied that the service staffs should beconsidered the pillars of the establishment i:e, F&B. The need is for ateam of people who can dedicate their talent in the industry and to enjoy theirwork.

There are more part-time positions in this occupation than there are inmost occupations, and most food and beverage servers are young. Thepersonnel related to this department must be professionally qualified in termsof service and hospitality. As we know that the role of this department istotally service oriented, the staff need to be in the front line with thecustomers and ought to be well groomed, smart and hygienic. The food andbeverage staff play a significant role in promoting good manifestation andpositive influence towards the guests by professional and world class servicein hospitable manner.

Food and beverage service department is furnished with aqualified and skillful brigade headed by food and beverage Manager, who isresponsible for planning and coordinating the different food and beverageactivities inside the hotel. Food and Beverage Manager is a team leader interms of food and beverage promotion and management. Down the line, food andbeverage Manager is supported by the outlet executive who are responsible forthe execution, implementation and the control of food and beverage activitiesin their area of concern. All outlet executives are again supported by the linesupervisor, and waiters and waitresses to delight the customer by serving theirwants. For the final year, the students of IST College were required to do oneyear internship at different 5 star hotels around China. In this context, I wasassigned the internship at Howard Johnson located at Sanya Bay, China. Located in the heart of Sanya Bay withunobstructed views of the sea, the Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay (SanyaGuoguang Haosheng Dujia Jiudian) is the largest international five-starbeachfront hotel in China. Ranges of meeting spaces are available on thepremises, which can accommodate between 25 and 1, 000 guests and include AVsystems, Wi-Fi and simultaneous interpretation systems (Agency, 2017).

This hotel alsooffers a range of dining options including a Chinese restaurant servingCantonese, Sichuan and Humanness cuisines, a Korean restaurant, a cafe and aBBQ restaurant.This thesis will look in towhat roles do various service providers in the F&B department play and howsignificant it is to the improvement and day to day activities of the F&Bdepartment. The study is based on the experience picked up during theinternship period provided by the IST College of Management and Tourism inHoward Johnson hotel. It will also reflect various findings based on fellowemployees work experience like: work satisfaction, sense of contribution, dailyobstacles etc.

Conclusion derived throughout the study and the steps necessaryto amend them will be discussed as we go along the chapters.


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