First of all, it should bementioned that it was my first experience working in the palliative care field.It was of paramount significance for me to provide physical and emotionalcomfort to my client. I needed to maintain my client’s emotional and mentalneeds along with her spiritual issues.

I, as a part of the healthcareteam, had to create comfortable conditions for Mrs. Petrova. My priority was togive enough strength and hope to her, consoling my client and easing thegrief.  In this respect, many strategieswere implemented.

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Due to the fact that my client suffered a lot from constantpain, I worked with other health care professionals in order to relive herconditions and create the suitable environment within the hospice. As it haspreviously stated in other journals, my client required different types of care.First of all, physical comfort provision was a core point in her treatment.Secondly, mental needs as long as emotional ones had to be maintained. Lastly,as it was said before, the spirituality of the client had to be also taken intoconsideration by all health care assistants. Speaking about physicaldiscomfort and measures that were assumed to tackle it, I can say that theclient had problems with breath, digestion. Besides, she suffered fromweariness that happened to her on a regular basis. I held to one of the mostimportant rules of palliative care, that says that it is much easier to preventpain that relieving it especially when it comes to cancer diseases.

I kept todoctors rules who prescribes a special amount of medications. The client took medicationsfour times per day.  I was assigned toadminister it. It also should be mentionedthat the client, from time to time, could not breathe properly. She wassuffering a lot because of it. The family members and the health careprofessionals were also concerned.

it hindered the communication between theclient and other people. For that reason, I controlled the air in the room,dusted in order to prevent dust or other substances from getting into lungs. Itwas painful for me to look at my client suffering a lot.

At the end of herlife, her conditions aggravated and she started to gasp for breath. As aresult, a special medical apparatus was used to help my client to breath bymeans of artificial breathing.    In addition, such unpleasantconditions as fainting, incontinence, bad appetite were common for my client.In that respect, I assisted my client with eating, drinking, moving.

She wasoffered small amounts of meals, but with high nutritional value. The food wasoffered that was easy for her to chew. In the morning liquid porridges weregiven; in the afternoon, she was offered different soups, and in the evening,she preferred a glass of fresh juice or milk products. When she did not want toeat, her choice was taken into account and nobody made her eat. In addition,due to her incurable disease, she was getting more tired day by day; it wasimportant to balance her energy during each day. All activities were minimized,even instead of taking a shower, she was wiped with a wet cloth staying in bed.Special facilities were used for her to go to the toilet.


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