Fireworks have
been designed with various different parts in order for its explosion to take
place safely. A basic firework is comprised of 5 different components, being
the tail, the fuse, the motor, the effect and the head where all of these
different parts work together in order to create those beautiful explosions in
a safe manner. Starting from the bottom of a firework structure: The first
component is the tail that is in the form of a ‘stick” that may be made out of
wood or plastic which ensures that the firework is discharged into the right
direction preventing fires or damage of any sort- the “sticks” also aid in the
accuracy and the precision when planning a firework display. Next comes the
fuse which is where the main charge begins that would set of an arrangement of
further explosions. The fuse consists of a main part which initiates the
burning as well as various smaller parts which create the colourful display, in
more complex fireworks the fuses are lit by a electrical contacts called
“wirebridge fuseheads” which essentially allow technicians to set off/ignite
the firework display at safer and reasonable distances. Thirdly is the motor,
the motor (charge) is a bigger explosion that is responsible for shooting the
firework to incredible heights at lightning speeds. The motor is packed with
gunpowder, which allows the explosive to be sent to safe distances away from
onlookers. The effect, although the effect has no proper safety purpose, it is
packed with finer explosive pieces (called “stars”), which create the many colorful
explosions. Lastly is the head, which is simply the upper most part of the
firework, the head is often designed with a point-like nose which makes the
firework more aerodynamic, faster moving and it improves its likeliness in
moving in a straight line direction. Momentum plays a big role in fireworks as
the momentum of the firework must be the same before and after the explosion,
this also true as the firework displays are symmetrical in their explosions
explaining that the explosives moving to the left are equal to the explosives moving
to the right.   


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