Fingerprint is a unique identification pattern for
humans, which consist of a pattern of ridges on the finger that helps to grip
things by hand. Fingerprint scanner is the heart of this automated
authentication system which is responsible for the acquisition of images. Based
on the pattern of ridges and valleys of human fingers it can be recognized and
matched with the pre-stored patterns. It consists of sensors that are optical,
ultrasonic, thermal, capacitive, etc., but mostly optical and capacitance
scanning methods are used. In this project, a fingerprint module is interfaced
to a microcontroller with a serial interfacing, and this project uses a relay,
an LCD. This type of authentication for controlling devices and appliances is
highly secured and more reliable at a lower cost due to inexpensive
microcontroller. This can also be implemented as the main registration system
for computer centers in colleges and offices by adding external memory. The working
of this project involves three stages which are mainly registering the user
followed by the user authentication and finally turning ON the computer for the
registered user. The drawbacks of the previous system are mainly the time consumed
while the user registers and also time taken for turning on the system. The
feasibility of the project comes right from the authentication procedure which
guarantees secured access and also it prevents any confusion regarding which
user occupied a particular system. By the help of secured access we can be able
to curb all the drawbacks of the present system. It helps in numerous ways like
reducing time consumption and also decreasing the work done in registering
every time while entering the laboratory. The processing of this project
commences from the registration followed by the control send by the controller
to the pc displaying the user entry and also it is the job of the controller to
turn on relays for the turning ON the systems. The registration of the user
will be done with the help of fingerprint module and done only once for the
user. Hence with the entry of the authenticated user the system is allocated to
the user and also the PC is turned ON for the usage.   


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