Findings and Discussion 5.

0 Introduction Thischapter will provide the overall discussion about the findings that collectedand analyzed the data. The findings will be presented with reference to theliterature review. Moreover, this chapter will also give recommendations forthe future research. 5.1 Findings and DiscussionsThemain purpose of the survey is to find out the usage of the games on teachinggrammar on present tense and nouns among upper primary school students. Thisstudy mainly focuses on standard 4 students of SK (2) Petaling Jaya. Thisinvestigation might have been an instance study conveyed out to explore theimpacts of utilizing sentence structure amusements to improve students’securing from claiming English grammar, especially in the utilization of thestraightforward introduce strained and basic past dynamic strained.

Additionally,inspected the impacts of diversions on students’ inspiration level same time.Taking in the structure and standards administering the utilization for thesetenses. The study also likewise took those teachers’ responses towards theutilization of games in teaching grammar. A total of 30 students of SK PJ werechosen as the respondents of this study, 30 students constituted the classroomaction research. Three grammar games were played as a form of treatment. Datawere collected through the means of a pre-post and post-test as well.

Thedata analyzed using a qualitative method. From the analysis, it can beconcluded that the usage of games on teaching grammar had a positive effect onthe student’s acquisition of the simple present tense and nouns. Games werevery useful in teaching grammar and learning grammar because students enjoyinglearning by playing games on learning grammar. It also gave students anincentive to go on practising a structure beyond the point where they wouldnormally tire of repeating it. Thegames also make the students learning environment more authentic to learn andpractice these simple present tense and nouns. Language use and practice in anauthentic environment provided an effective reinforcement in the learningprocess. Students also enjoyed the games on learning grammar while teaching.

Italso motivates and encourages students in learning grammar by using games.Teaching grammar by using games makes students participate and engaged studentsin learning. It also helps students to concentrate on whatteacher have though.

Students also enjoyed the lesson and show their interestin learning grammar. The Games played an important role in teaching andlearning process for the upper primary students and especially standard 4students. Even the teachers in SK (2) PJ expressed their interest in conductinggames on teaching grammar. However, language games on teaching grammareffectively only can be utilized with proper organization and planning. Resultsof the study agree that learning grammar by using games encourages the studentsand they can understand in the way of playing games.

Thereare three types of students which are advanced level, intermediate level, andbeginner’s level.  This study shows thatusing games in teaching grammar can help the students to focus in class. Italso helps them to improve their second language which is English. Teachinggrammar by using games also improve the thinking skills. In addition, it alsoimproves student’s communication skills by answering the questions by usinggames. There are also some difficulties in doing this case study.

The beginnerlevel of students faces language problems which researcher need to translate inMalay. However,the researcher translates to the beginners level students in simple English,actions and also with pictures to make the beginner level students understandwithout translation in Malay. This study was limited to the standard 4 studentsenrolled in Sekolah Kebangsaan (2) Petaling Jaya a primary school located inPetaling Jaya area. Therefore the results of this study are not generalizableto all schools in Malaysia. In addition, the reference group used was rathersmall, which were 30 from Standard Four students at Sekolah Kebangsaan (2)Petaling Jaya.5.2Suggestions  Based on this study, fewsuggestions have been made as follows:  5.

2.1.Suggestion for future teacher  Teachers play an important role in student’s life.It is highly recommended for the teachers to help the students on teachinggrammar by using games to the students stay focus on the lesson or classroom.

The teachers can provide good learning materials for the learners to encouragethe students to learn or practice grammar exercises. Furthermore, teachers canpraise, appreciate and give rewards for the students who have performed well ontheir tests or class quizzes. These will make the students focus and motivatedto learn grammar.

The teachers can provide students with a very friendly andcomfortable atmosphere in class to make the students feel free to learngrammar. The teachers also can bring the students to outdoor activities to makethe grammar lesson more fun and it also helps to create different environmentlearning. It would help if the teachers make the lessons more fun and differentactivities for the students to improve their self on learning grammar. 5.

2.2.Suggestion for future researcher This study involved standard 4 students of SekolahKebangsaan (2) Petaling Jaya.

It is highly recommended that this study can beadapted to all future teachers. It also can be adapted for all the futuretrainee teachers who will be doing their practicum in government or privateschools. These standard 4 students are much more different as compared to anyother standard, They are on the first stage of upper primary level which isthey are focus towards a big public examination which is ‘UPSR’. Therefore, thestudents should practice from now and prepare their self on learning grammarand shows interest in leaning grammar.   5.3.Recommendations Based on thefindings, the recommendations for the further studies have proposed as follows: 1.      Thereshould be a study how effectiveness of using games for the primary levelstudents on teaching grammar.

2.      Thereshould be an investigation on teaching grammar by using games for Standard Fourstudents.3.      Thereshould be an investigation on how student’s attitudes and focus in classtowards learning grammar by using games.

4.      Thereshould be a study of student’s thinking skills that they face when theypracticing what the teacher has thought in class or lesson.  5.

4Conclusion  Thischapter will look into the summary of the finding and recommendations based onthe findings. Based on the results, we can conclude that most of the studentsare enjoying learning grammar by using games. The students are more focusedwhen the teacher teaches using games.

The teacher satisfied with teachinggrammar by using games to the standard 4 students. The students are lack offocus on teaching grammar without games and very difficult to understand whatteacher is teaching. Students did not show their interest when teaching grammarwithout games. They find difficulties in understanding the lesson of the day.On the other hand, students really focus when the teacher through the samelesson by using games and they really enjoyed the lesson. The students also tryto speak English by answering the questions. Finally, the study and resultsshow that usage of games in teaching grammar is really works and it beneficialfor all the future teachers and researchers.



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