Find Out If You Have a Smart BrainThe past decade has seen scientists working on brain puzzles, and its benefits to our overall mental health. It has been since widely recognized that they vastly improve the cognition function of the brain. But scientists claim that the positive effects noted on cognition also arise from other factors, namely, the mental strength of an individual, the complexity of the puzzle being solved and the time taken to solve each puzzle.Scientists have also determined that is when an individual practices puzzles each day, the effects on their cognition are better observed.

This leads to improvements in several important psychological functions as well. With regular puzzle solving, you can get:Improved MemoryEnhanced CreativityAn Easier Approach to Brain ComplexitiesImproved Dopamine ProductionEnhanced Meditation SkillsMatchbox PuzzleTry out this simple puzzle below and discover how sharp your logical skills are:In a picture, you will find four matchsticks placed close to each other, with only their ends touching. The four sticks together form a plus sign. The coated part of the stick is placed outward, so that the wooden ends touch.

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It is an analytical puzzle, at which many people have failed!How do you move a single match such that the four sticks together form a square?It appears to be an easy puzzle if you do not pay much attention to it, but the more you study it, the harder it becomes. Check out the attached video for the simple answer to this very complicated puzzle, with a solution time of less than one minute. If you need time to solve the puzzle yourself, you can pause the video.For those of you still struggling to find the answer, look at it from an out of the box view. Don’t confine your mind to narrow, traditional methods.

There are different ways in which you can get a square, without just the whole matchstick being a side of the square.All the best!Source Link: Article: How Smart Are You? – Do This Brain Test and Find Out!


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