Financial InformationInternal businessplans target a particular audience geared towards the business.

An internalplan is written to evaluate a projected plan. This plan should include thecompany’s current development, including costs of operational andprofitability. Determine how the business shall repay any invested capital usedfor the uprising of the project. Provide detailed information about themarketing budget, technology costs, hiring, and it should include a marketanalysis demonstrating target demographics market size and the market’sdesirable effect on the company’s projected income (Senagore, 2008).

A startplan details the steps to start a new business. It contains sections thatdescribe the company’s mission statement, product, or service, which will beprovided by the company. Details in regards to market evaluation and theexpected management team should be mentioned (DHHS, 2009). Finally, a financialbreakdown containing spreadsheets describing specific details of the budgetshould be properly outlined.The AmbulatorySurgery Center (ASC) is looking to expand services through outpatient services,and the center is committed to transforming the healthcare delivery system byputting a strong focus on patient care. This involves a total of 100-physicianmedical group that includes specialty physicians of 20 surgeons, 4 orthopedicsurgeons that can direct their time and resources to patients and improveoutcomes.

 In planning for the finance ofthe ambulatory Surgery Center, looking at the staffing projections is essentialbecause of cost. Staffing costs is some of the highest cost for AmbulatorySurgery Center; so budgeting for 100 physicians and other health care providerson the team is a priority in maintaining cost-effectiveness each month.  Using operationalbusiness plan, accounting for patient flow, number of rooms needed, as well allequipment in the monetary flow of the ASC are important. The goal here is toforecast the revenue and expenses in the ASC by estimating the average fromeach area of services.With the fastgrowth of ASC, making sure that patients have the best surgical experiencepossible is priority because in the first year alone, vast rate of patient outflow to the center is expected to increase and then decrease thereafter.

TheASC should be attached to a hospital because it will provide cost effectivecare that can save the government, third party payers like our investors and patient’smoneys. The amount of patients expected to accrue per day is shown above.  Physicians are expected to see up to 75patients per day, with the help of other health care providers in the team inthe ASC. With 75 patients per day, four pre and post-op RNs will be enough tofor see all care in the ASC. Month 1 Month 12 Month 24 5 36 59 Moving on to gross revenue peryear, the fixed variable expenses are estimated based on successful experienceof other ASC and their quotations. From the above table, this is founded on 59percent of the co-pay from patients, and the 36 percent from patient pocket,and the remaining 5 percent from the first month will be from the amount ofvisits and routine procedures that are not covered by insurance.

 Overall, adding ambulatorySurgery Center shows rapid growth preventative measurements as well painmanagements. It is shown that the rise in Ambulatory Surgery Center reflects inthe development of techniques and growth in certain treatable conditions.Looking at other successful ASCs, on average the Medicare program and thebeneficiaries they hold are more that 2 billion in savings each year becausethe programs pay less for procedures performed in the ASCs when compared tohospitals for that same procedure (Senagore, 2008).

A new program, the goal forthis business plan is to reach this revenue if not more, and this goal can bereached.


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