Finally, there have been some
known type of cancer such as Adenocarcinoma, Sarcoma, Osteosarcoma and
Leukemia. Adenocarcinoma is a most common type of cancer. It occur in many
different places in the body. Such as lung cancer. According to the Cancer
Treatment Centers of America (1988). A sarcoma is a type of cancer particular tissue.
Such as bone or muscle  

Known type of cancer

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Secondly, the cancer can be
treated by many methods such as undergoing surgeries, requiring chemotherapy,
and radiation therapy. Undergoing surgeries is the most powerful method of
treating cancer, but it works in cases in which the cancer is enclosed in one
area and has not spread yet. This method only treats the part of the body that
is damaged and prevents the disease from affecting another part of the body by
removing and cutting the damaged part. According to the Cancer Research UK
(2016/17). Requiring chemotherapy is a kind of a drug used for cancer treatment.
Chemotherapy can kill cancer cells that has spread to all parts of the body.
The radiotherapy is very common for the treatment of the cancer the radiation
causes small breaks in the DNA of the cell’s cancer. The breakdown of the
cell’s cancer stops the growing and dividing that cause them to die. According
to the American Cancer Society (2017).

There have been some
treatment methods












First, cancer risk can be happened because of sun radiation,
some viruses and bacteria, alcohol, poor diet, poor life of physical activity
and smoking. For example, being exposed to some harmful radiations over the
normal amount can negatively affect the DNA in the skin cells. Therefore, Cells
starts growing fast out of the control, which can lead to cancer. Most common
viruses that can affect cancer risk is HPV (human papilloma virus). Also a
bacterial infection known as H-pylori, which is unusual type of stomach cancer.
According to the My Macmillan (2010). Alcohol may also damage the cell’s DNA,
Liver cancer: long term of using alcohol increase risk of getting liver cancer.
According to the American Cancer Society (2017), that poor diet and poor life physical activity can lead
to increase the risk of getting cancer, smoking causes
lungs cancer by damaging the cells of the lungs. According to the Mayo Clinic
(2017), over 74,300 men and 56,359 woman died of smoking regarding lung cancer
each year.

Factors cause cancer








 Cancer is a common
name for a type of disease that can affect people in different stages of life.
It is considered to the most dangerous type of disease. According to Louis, “The
deaths from lungs, prostate and colon are dropping for man. However, as the
breast and colon cancer deaths of woman. The percentage of woman are dying from
lungs cancer. It is caused because of an uncontrolled division of a cell, which
in many cases continues to copy itself much more often than the healthy cell does.
This unhealthy and abnormal cell generates cells that are unhealthy too, which
means the growth of this disease. Although medical and preventive treatments
have been successful in proving themselves as lifesavers for many suffering
people, the number of people suffering from this disease has been increasing
rapidly over the last decades. According to the World Health Organization
(2015), “this disease causes about 12.5% of all deaths worldwide”. There have
been many discovered facts about this disease such as the contributed factors
that cause this disease, the treatment methods, and the types of this disease.


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