IDS 303-B



Reflection on Karl’s Presentation & Panel Discussion

In my
opinion, I thought that Karl’s journey as a humanitarian photojournalist is
extraordinarily fascinating! The stunning exhibit of his highly acclaimed
photographs in the Art Gallery blew me away! Traveling all over the world to document
the truth about people’s lives and stories in a snapshot from his relief
efforts and other works is just incredible, touching on issues related to the
world today.

addition, I have deep respect for someone like Mr. Grobl because of the dangers
he faces every day in these types of situations, locations, and climates. And
yet he perseveres despite the risks. Karl has made a difference in the world
and the lives of other people. His artworks act as a lasting memorial. It honors
the memory of the individuals and reflects history (event brochure). Karl’s
work has opened my eyes to the reality that life isn’t always fair. The world can
be a cruel place; Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of
others? Helping others is the way we help ourselves, which makes life beautiful
and worthwhile.

His work/passion
has shown me the ability to reflect and understand personal struggles and
triumph an individual faces each day in third world countries and it made me
contemplate my life and how grateful I am of the basic necessities I have that
these people don’t. And what made it even more moving was the fact that these
people were content with their lives. Seeing his work made me want to take a
stand on these issues like oppression, social justice, wealth distribution, etc.
I did see a bit of myself in these other human beings, half a world away.

            Moreover, Karl states that “people are interesting” and I
agree! The camera is truly like a passport wanting to go observe things,
places, and the people around the world. In most circumstances, people are
delighted when they catch someone photographing them, because a picture is always
worth a thousand words. The eyes, face, mannerisms/behavior/action attracts
photographers. For Karl, each job and experiences are different. It is very
important for photographers to not depict pictures to be bias so that people
can’t analyze wrong information. He also talked about how he is attracted to
old, traditional styles of photography. But it is interesting to note what
hasn’t changed. For example, he touched on a topic about how in some places,
modern cities are constructed, whereas many villages stay the same. This shows
that there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor, which can be really
destructive to a society.


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