Father, this word, I do not recall much about.

I still have a memory that I shall never forget. When I was young, I used to live in the country. It was my eighth birthday, father and I went to the amusement park that was pretty old when I think of it. Although there were only a few number of rides, I loved just staying with my father. When we went there one of the first rides that I saw was the big Ferris wheel. I tugged on my father to go on the ride with me since I did not want to ride alone.

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Of course, my father rode with me. Then we went to the games area and played the dart game where we pop the balloon to win. I was a terrible shot so I missed all of them. However, my father won me a doll.

You should have seen my face, I have never been so happy. After playing the game, we went to eat. I have never seen so much different food that I could choose from. There were burgers, hot dogs, pizzas and etc. I took ages choosing but finally, I chose chicken strips. The strips were bigger than my face, but I surprisingly finished it. When we finished eating, we rode some more rides like the rollercoaster with 2 loops, a carousel and bumper cars.

I drove the bumper car to my father’s and he fought back by driving the car. It became the closing hours for the park. However, there was just enough time for one more ride. My father suggested me to ride the swing that goes high in the air. I always wanted to ride the swing so I agreed to ride it. As we waited in the line my father told me that he is going on a peacekeeping mission starting from next Friday to Tajikistan. I said to my father, “I will wait for you, dad. I will wait as long as I can”.

It was our turn to ride the swings. After finishing the ride, we went home and slept. When I woke up tomorrow, my father was gone and my mother and I waited for my father’s return. However, that was my last time seeing my father. I shall never forget him because he was and always be my hero.

I love you dad.


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