Company Profile

Fashion Beach is a retail company specializing in designing, selling and distributing a wide range of fashionable attires. The company was established in the year 2000 to cater for the needs of fashion conscious New York population and has expanded to establish new shops in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina State and Virginia. Currently it employs 110 employees, 70 being stationed at their head office in New York and the rest equally distributed in the other two outlets. The roles of employees in each outlet have been categorically defined to ensure maximum effectiveness. For instance, each branch has its own manager, a group of designers, PR officers, Market researches and sales persons. The Island Casual contributes massively to the company’s profit.

Therefore the company is considering expanding to new markets, particularly in the Caribbean basin.

2. Target market

After conducting an initial online survey and consequent market research, Jamaica was found to be a potential market due to its vibrant tourism industry. In fact, almost every employed Jamaican earns either directly or indirectly from it. In addition, it provides the economy with the vital foreign exchange earning.

The cool pleasant weather and white sand beaches are the main reasons why the sector is doing extremely well (Daye 100). Therefore, Fashion Beach seeks to satisfy the ever demand of Island Casual.


Target customer

The company will specifically target tourist falling among the ages of 20 to 50 years. This is because the island has successfully brand itself as beach-wedding and a honey-moon destination. As result it attracts a huge number of the above age bracket visitors and as pointed out by official figures, 79% of these visitors are immensely interested in the beaches (Daye 105). Still on the same point, the group seemed very comfortable in wearing the island casual. Very crucial to note is that the dress code in beach weddings are mostly Island casual.

4. Product

Looking well has a direct connection with feeling and consequently having a good time. Fashion Beach understands how important this is to the end-users of its products. Therefore, it intends to introduce a wide range of quality European and American swimwear design. The company is also aware of the limited choice men have when it comes to choosing these products.

However, surveys have shown that variety to them does not count but ensuring the swimwear enhances their appearance is vital (Daye 50). Fashion Beach will address this need by supplying products of different sizes and colours. Our staff will guide the client in choosing the right fit.

On the contrary, the female clients will be provided with a wide variety of choice and patterns. Bright, and mix and match colour designs are projected to be positively received.



The market will be segmented in terms of price and therefore the company will focus on providing medium priced products. This is because the mainstream tourists visiting the Caribbean basin are middle-income earners. The high-end consumer will to find the products attractive because despite them being relatively cheap, they are of high quality.

However, the company understands that while choosing the right Island casual is important, they are other costs incurred by tourists. Therefore, products which are not medium priced but cheaper will be provided. The demand is expected to be high due to the favourable price and hence, the company will ensure huge volumes are supplied.

6. Advertising

The company will use a wide variety of advertising methods. However to be more effective and focus on a specific targeted audience, online and traditional print will be the highly utilized.

The decision to adopt an online approach is motivated by the fact that most tourists usually perform online search before actually travelling. By having a Website or blog and additionally using tactics such as article marketing, search engine optimization, link building among others; the company’s content will be easily found by search engines (Daye 17). Likewise, potential tourist usually peruse travel magazine to gain information about their destination of interest. Therefore, by advertising in this magazine the company is sure to reach its targeted audience.

7. Distribution

To be inline with the company’s value of fully understanding the needs of the customers, direct exporting will be adopted.

Therefore the company will distribute its products through its retail outlets. The location is crucial and hence one outlet will be stationed in the parish of St. Ann; where Dunns River falls, one of most attractive site in the island, is located.

Likewise, another one will be at the resort towns of Montego Bay and Ochi Rios both in St. James and St. Ann respectively (Daye 17). To serve the customer better, the company shall introduce an e-commerce platform that allows customer to buy goods online and see them delivered to their doorsteps.

Works Cited

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