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The expression “new media” has recently come into frequent use in common vocabulary although it has been mentioned a long time ago by researchers conducting social, economic, political and cultural studies of information and communication technologies.Although new media does not have a clear and complete definition one may associate it with the process of digitalization

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INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY HCMC SCHOOL OFBIOTECHNOLOGY                         REPORT FINAL PROJECT    Microbial Fuel Cell For Wastewater Treatment        Contents   I.                INTRODUCTION.. 2 II.              WASTEWATER COMPOSITION.. 4 III.            PROCESS. 5 IV.            ROLE OF MFCS. 13 V.              ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES. 14 VI.            APPLICATION OF MFC SYSTEM IN BREWERY WASTEWATER.. 14 VII.           CONCLUSION.. 18 VIII.        REFERENCES. 19                                     I.           INTRODUCTION  1.      General informationContaminated wastewater

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1.      LITERATURE STUDY 1.1. State of the art of theresearch topic Nematodes are considered as one of the most numerousMetazoa on our planet. They can be either free-living or plant-parasitic or animalparasites. Although they occur in almost every habitat, they are essentiallyaquatic animals. Soil structure, soil pH and other factors can affect nematodesby different ways

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A recent scientific study in 2016, lists the connections between their ecosystems of size. Reducing crop production, altering and reducing the number of animals and microorganisms that depend on themEnvironmental systems Energy process and crossbusksIt can move a stable ecosystem to catch it. You need help staff.If you do not have an account yet, sign

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The term superfund site was first defined by the compensation and liabilities act of 1980 as a toxic waste site which requires cleanup (Smith, 2010, p. 2). Basically, such sites are listed under the National priorities list as requiring government sponsored clean-up exercises because of the danger they pose to the general environment. Superfund sites

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At the beginning of the twentieth century, the United Kingdom commanded a world-wide empire as the foremost global power. Unfortunately, the two world wars and the finish of realm lessened its part. Yet, the UK remains a monetary and military power, with significant political and social impact far and wide. (BBC News, 2018). However, even

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 The healthy human gut is colonized by roughly 1014 resident microbes. Among them, bacteria are most common. These microbes have a symbiotic relationship with the human intestinal tract. These microbes maintain the ecosystem of incomparable diversity, termed as microbiota and provides beneficial effects to their host 1. Major bacterial groups in the microbiota are gram-positive

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Introduction There has always been a startling contrast between the transportation systems of developed and developing countries with the former usually having well planned, modernized and efficient methods of transportation while the latter is usually considered mired in bureaucratic entanglements, inefficiency and a lack of sufficient urban planning that transport systems are seemingly added on

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Part A: Proposal  Descriptionof Proposal: The RainForest Experience is an immersive safari experience modelled and inspired bythe famous movie and novel franchise, Jurassic Park. Park attendants will beplaced in a real life rainforest ecosystem which will feature accurate aspectsincluding plants and animals, both docile and dangerous. Attendants will followalong a designated path, both land and

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Us firemarshells find it very important and crucial to inform citizens about wildfires.  Northern Portugal has been affected with more than 7,900 forest fires between October 13 and 18 earlier this year. Even though humans are usually the number 1 cause of wildfires, it has been stated that the cause of those in Portugal were

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Over recent decades there has been an increase in nitrogen depositioncaused by human activity(Lamarque et al.,2005), which has had antagonistic impacts onecosystems, effects such as acidification of soil- a build-up of hydrogencations in the soil which lower its pH (Bowman et al., 2008). Anthropological alterationsof natural biogeochemical cycles (gaseous cycles and sedimentary cycles),through industrial extraction,


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