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In this essay, it will overlook the abnormal issue that is depression. This is an illness in which takes over a person’s mood, mind and body, which is inconvenient as it intervenes with an individual’s daily life and the ability to function normally. This abnormal illness also takes a toll on the people around the person who is suffering from depression. According to American psychologist Seligman (1973), he viewed depression as a

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 The condition of fern by Toomer’sCaneThe narrative of Toomer’s Cane, ‘Fern’ is established withina crafted, mystically symbolic vivid description of a lady with a Jewish nameas well as a blended cultural heritage (Zheng 131) Indeed, Fern is aloof,thereby masking a profound necessity for spiritual revitalization even as sheaccepts to be with men who are “everlastinglybringing

Biotechnology It has been defined by Thielman and

Biotechnology incorporates the biological andtechnological competences that when combined produce a new and exciting fieldavailable where new research is dedicated. It has been defined by Thielman andPalladino as an interdisciplinary science that uses biological organisms ortheir products for the use or benefit of humankind. This discipline has beenseen to have a few roots in other

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UnitedNations (UN) peacekeeping operations began in 1948 and seek to advanceinternational interests: promotion of peace, stability, democracy, markets,civil society, and good governance in countries in conflict and post-conflictsituations. The charter of UN gives the UN Security Council the primaryresponsibility for maintaining international peace and security and peacekeepinghas evolved into one of the main tools employed

Motif discover motif in both protein and DNA

Motif discovery among set biological sequences isimportant and active research area in computational biology. For analysis ofsequence data, motif search problem incorporate various important problems,where biologically important patterns are known as a motif. For example,analyzing large-scale genomic and proteomic data is one of the challenges inorder to discover motif. A motif is conserved amino acid

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The three major types of research designs in Psychologyresearch are descriptive, correlational, and experimental (“Introductionto Psychology”, 2015).  Descriptive research provides information of whatis occurring at a given time. It allows the development of questions forfurther study. However, it does not assess relationships among variables andtherefore is not suitable for this research study.Correlational research is used

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Quantum medicine             The concept            Unlike traditional/conventional medicine, which perceives the human body as an addition of several organs, quantum medicine develops a more holistic approach according to which the body is composed of particles of light, called photons, which gives off a vibratory field. With that in mind, the key idea of this medicine


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