Familly           :
Aristeidae Wood-Mason, 1891

Subfamily      : Aristaeinae Alcock, 1901

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Genus                        :
Aristeus Duvernoy, 1840


Aristeus alcocki Ramadan, 1938

Name: Aristeid shrimps, mulaku chemmeen


Gulf of Aden, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea near Lakshadweep and Kanyakumari.

Deep Sea; 270 to 1086m; muddy bottom.

Sakthikulangara, Kalamukku, Azheekkal

15 males of maximum Tl 10 cm and 30 females of 17 cm .

Glabrous or pubescent Integument;
photophores on pereopods, bearing 2 dorsal teeth near base followed
by single postrostral tooth
elongate and short rostrum in adult males,  females and juvenile males, reaching  beyond the antennular peduncle;but does not
reach at the  end of antennular
peduncle;. Carapace on anterior margin with antennal and branchiostegal spines;
no orbital, postantennal, and hepatic spines; antennal and
branchiostegal spines supported by more or less well marked short carina; hepatic
sulcus often faint or indistinct; cervical sulcus indistinct or only
ventrolaterally demarked; well marked branchiocardiac sulcus; low branchiocardiac
carina. Dorsally rounded first abdominal somite; dorsally carinate
fourth to sixth somites, carina of fourth somite extending only along
posterior two-thirds, second
and third somites  seen as dorsally
rounded or with very faint rounded carina; 4 pairs of movable lateral
spines ton elson; acute, slender apex, well developed cornea; optic calathus
having a large mesiodistal tubercle. Short dorsal antennular flagellum,
flattened for most of its length; lateral marginal ridge with spine
at about distal four-fifths of length, elongate ventral antennular flagellum,
slender, terete, with
proximal sinuosity in male, distally broadly rounded scaphocerite lamella,
pereopods with no exopods, No
podobranchia on third to fifth pereopod; slender fourth and fifth
pereopods; first and second
pereopods, sometimes third, with movable meral spine.

Long and slender rostrum with a tooth in
females (rostrum short in males), long cervical groove extending to dorsal
midline of carapace or short, carapace without postrorbital spine. Last two
pairs of pereopods well developed; third and fourth pairs of pleopods biramous.
Telson with 1-4 movable spines, 2 arthrobranchs well developed on penultimate
thoracic segment (hidden beneath the carapace), cervical groove distinct only
in its basal part.

Obtained from exploratory trawling off south west coast of India, economically
very important.

Original description: Ramadan,
M.M., 1938. Crustacea: Penaeidae. Scientific Reports of the John Murray
Expedition, 5: 35-76.




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