Familly           :Aristeidae Wood-Mason, 1891Subfamily      : Aristaeinae Alcock, 1901Genus                        :Aristeus Duvernoy, 1840 1.    Aristeus alcocki Ramadan, 1938CommonName: Aristeid shrimps, mulaku chemmeenSynonymy:NilDistribution:Gulf of Aden, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea near Lakshadweep and Kanyakumari.

Habitat:Deep Sea; 270 to 1086m; muddy bottom.Location:Sakthikulangara, Kalamukku, AzheekkalSpecimens:15 males of maximum Tl 10 cm and 30 females of 17 cm .Description:Glabrous or pubescent Integument;photophores on pereopods, bearing 2 dorsal teeth near base followedby single postrostral toothelongate and short rostrum in adult males,  females and juvenile males, reaching  beyond the antennular peduncle;but does notreach at the  end of antennularpeduncle;. Carapace on anterior margin with antennal and branchiostegal spines;no orbital, postantennal, and hepatic spines; antennal andbranchiostegal spines supported by more or less well marked short carina; hepaticsulcus often faint or indistinct; cervical sulcus indistinct or onlyventrolaterally demarked; well marked branchiocardiac sulcus; low branchiocardiaccarina. Dorsally rounded first abdominal somite; dorsally carinatefourth to sixth somites, carina of fourth somite extending only alongposterior two-thirds, secondand third somites  seen as dorsallyrounded or with very faint rounded carina; 4 pairs of movable lateralspines ton elson; acute, slender apex, well developed cornea; optic calathushaving a large mesiodistal tubercle.

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Short dorsal antennular flagellum,flattened for most of its length; lateral marginal ridge with spineat about distal four-fifths of length, elongate ventral antennular flagellum,slender, terete, withproximal sinuosity in male, distally broadly rounded scaphocerite lamella,pereopods with no exopods, Nopodobranchia on third to fifth pereopod; slender fourth and fifthpereopods; first and secondpereopods, sometimes third, with movable meral spine.Long and slender rostrum with a tooth infemales (rostrum short in males), long cervical groove extending to dorsalmidline of carapace or short, carapace without postrorbital spine. Last twopairs of pereopods well developed; third and fourth pairs of pleopods biramous.Telson with 1-4 movable spines, 2 arthrobranchs well developed on penultimatethoracic segment (hidden beneath the carapace), cervical groove distinct onlyin its basal part.Remarks:Obtained from exploratory trawling off south west coast of India, economicallyvery important.Original description: Ramadan,M.M.

, 1938. Crustacea: Penaeidae. Scientific Reports of the John MurrayExpedition, 5: 35-76.  


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