Falling cell phone in water is one of the most panicfeelings you can ever have. You do not lose your costly cell phone only butsometimes it is the reason of worth data lost. It mostly happened when you leave it in your pocket andput your dress in washing machine or it fell out into water bowl or toilet. Orperhaps it may due to rain or your friends dunked you in swimming pool just forfun. Whatever the reason of it mostly we have to replace it. But you knowsometimes you don’t have to replace it if you take urgent precautionarymeasures to save it.So if you don’t want to lose your costly cell phonejust read the article I will tell you easy ways to save it.

Followingsteps will help you to get your phone back:First thing don’t feel panic if your cell phone fallsin to water. Be calm and just follow the given steps:Takeyour cell phones out from the water:Yes it is difficult to take out cell phones from watersoon because we don’t know how to react in this situation.  But if it stays longer in water then thereare fewer chances of it survival. So you just need to take step soon and pickedit up from water even if it falls in toilet. After picking it up switch it off even if it looksfine. Then remove the battery and put it in some safe something like papertowels.    Don’tshake or plug it:Don’t plug it in either because electrical componentdon’t play well when operating with water. Don’t shake it or don’t press anykey otherwise they can push water deeply in your cell phone.

Takeout the SIM cards and other peripherals:Mostly SIM card memory also contains our importantcontacts. The next step you should take to remove it from cell phone in orderto save your worthy contacts otherwise water may will damage your SIM.You should also take out peripherals such as ear buds,memory card, protective cases or covers and also remove all plugs that coverslots and let it dry.The one thing you should keep in mind this won’t bepossible with all cell phones models. Drythe exterior:The next thing you should do dry the exterior with thepaper towel. Slightly dry every part with paper towel. One thing you should do itwith great care. Don’t mess with the phone too much otherwise it will go deeplyin more parts of your phone.

Tryvacuum cleaner:There are areas where you are unable to dry your cellphone with towel as you can’t touch them. So you can use vacuum cleaner inorder to access them. But remember used appropriate size vacuum cleaner andavoid it to hold too close to your phone as it can damage your phone with itstatic electricity.Givetime to dry it:The most difficult time comes as we have to leave ourphone for some period and wait for two to three days to get it back.

You canborrow mobile from someone as it take time to dry. So what you have to do now?Putyour phone in sunny spot:In order to get rid of water in small places you haveto leave it in sunny spots for some time. It will help it to dry as soon aspossible. It natural heat will help the inner parts to dry it. Putit in small baggage with uncooked rice:The one best way is to put in baggage with uncookedrice for two to three days. Rice are easily available at every home.

It willmake an environment which helps them to dry easily as it is very good inabsorbing humidity in air.Usesilica gel packs: Silica gel is the bestalternative of rice. You need enough of them to cover your cell phone.

You maybuy it from a craft shop, shoes shop or hand bags shop. Silica gel sachets candry wet phone out more efficiently. You have to take your phone with silica gelat least 48 hours. You did everything you can do so be calm and wait forsome time. Now it is time to see your efforts bring it back or not. Take thephone out and switch it on. Check all the components, if they work you havesucceeds.But if it does not working properly then you have totake it to the professional.

You can claim insurance if you have thisopportunity.Hope so above measures will help you to get your phoneback. Share your experience if you used anyone of them. Thank you!   


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