Can you believe that the woman at the age of 34 cannot but think about one thing only – writing an essay? Well, it is true, and I am not ashamed to confess.

When I was a student in high school, I did not really realize how important education is. The only thought that I had was to go to school, prove my parents that I was a responsible person, and ready for everything. I knew that education was necessary, but i could help but wonder why and how it could be necessary for me… I did not concentrate on such details. I believed that I had so much time for everything – to get education, find a good job, get married, and have several children. I was born in Monroe, a city in North California, United States. I thought that my family was the best one, and I was the happiest child in the whole world. I have a twin sister who became my best friend for all my life. We spent so much time together that could not imagine a single day without her, without our talks about boys, school, etc.

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Almost every summer, our family spent on the beach and my sister and I preferred water to earth. We were swimming all days long. Of course, our parents were not satisfied with our passion and warned that it was easy to catch cold and spend the last days of our summer holiday in beds. The words of my parents played an important role for me and even for my whimsical sister, and we had nothing to do but obey our parents and leave the water… For a while… However, in water, all the troubles seemed go far away, and the only thought I had was how everything was great when I was with my family. Summer holidays seemed to be the best time in my school life.

My father, mother, sister, and grandma were the closest people to me, they were my best friends and advisers. Our family is a Christen one, this is why each member can easily find the necessary support and understanding any time. I remembered the days, when we gathered at home, and grandma prepared homemade ice cream. I do not want to say that ice cream that we can buy at shops are bad, however, the taste of grandma’s ice cream was unique, it was special and could not be compare with anything. Then, the time to choose college came.

I did not think too much time and choose the community college offered by my parents. Two years had passed quickly. When I was a teenager, everyone called me rather an ambitious person.

In me college, I decided to reach high grades and finish my education with honour. I wanted to become a good wife, a professional teacher, and a kind mother. I had really good friends who shared my passion to music, and Michael Jackson in particular. We turned on TV and listen to all his songs. However, his Thriller made me dance any time I heard it. I remember each move by heart, and it is my little secret. Of course, my life was full of other interesting events, and music and dancing were not the only hobbies in my life.

During the evenings, I could easily sit close to the window, find some interesting book, and forget about the time. When the book was over, I liked to call my friends and share my impression. We could talk for hours. Of course, it is inherent to women, young girls in particular, spend lots of hour talking on phone and discussion some novelties. Even if I knew that in several hours, I would meet all of them, talking on phone was something special and hardly understandable. However, when I was at my second year of education, my family faced certain troubles, my parents started quarrelling all the time, and one day my mom said that it is high time to leave our dad and live separately for a while. It was a real shock to me. My perfect family, our summer holidays, and ice cream… All this was in the past.

I could only remember about them from time to time. I decided to drop my education. I understood that it was necessary to support mom, and have some connection to my dad. Education was not that important to me for that period of time. I decided to start working and earn for living. I wanted to be independent and help my family from time to time. However, with time, I realized that education played a really important role. Now, I am not a young girl and should think about my future, and the future about my family.

Fortunately, I was not the only person who thought about my mom and sister. In several years, my dad came back home. Our family reunion was the brightest event in my life. “Everything could be changed for better!” – I thought. I was happy, as all the members of my family was together. My passion for books helps me a lot. I find interesting books about adult education. I studied the researchers of several professors.

For example, Though proves that lots of adults prefer independent learning activities out of educational institutions. (Tough 1979) Knowles in his book The Adult Learner underlines the necessity of planning and improving programs concerning adult education. (Knowles 1984) In 2002, I have found an interesting article by Carl Smolka, where he talks about the approaches to adult education (Smolka 2002). All this material helped me understand that adult learning is necessary and possible indeed. Each person has a second chance, and I want to get this opportunity and get my diploma.

I truly believe that my diploma will help me achieve all my goals, and be helpful to my family and other people. With time, I have realized that I want to become a teacher, I want to help other students find the necessary ways, be ready to adult life, and cope with any difficulties. Family problems are one of the major reasons why students abandon their education, and I would like to teach them to cope with troubles and be real specialists. Now, I have my own family. I have met a wonderful man, who have changed my life and helped me to find myself. I have become a mother, and I want to grown up a good child. If I have such an opportunity, I want to become a daycare teacher, or even a director.

With time, when I finish college, it is possible to have own business in order to help people and believe in own powers. These are my professional goals, and they may be achieved only after I finish my education.

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