Exposition        The exposition is introduced in the beginning of the story, where they introduce the four main characters.

George Hadley is the father and the stricter of the two parents, He is the one that makes the bold decisions throughout the story. Lydia Hadley is the mother who first suspected the nursery as something horrible. Peter & Wendy are their two children, they have gotten the luck to get whatever they want. After getting an NO for the first time in their lives they started thinking of destructive thoughts.Setting        The story takes place an technology infused home, which is called the “happylife home” where almost everything has technology.

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This family has robots all around the home. In this home there is an nursery this nursery is special as it projects whatever the two kids think onto an big wall. Another setting within the home itself is the African Veldt, this is the place where we learn the most about the children and what the story is about.

The setting helps us understand the plot as it tells us what type of thoughts the children are having.ConflictThe conflict is between the parents and the kids the parents are making a decision that the kids do not favour.On page 6 the first conflict arises, George & Lydia hear screams coming from the nursery room.Soon after they found out that the kids had broken into the nursery room, but continue to lay in the bed.

Lydia had noticed something familiar about the scream but couldn’t put her hands on it. This is one of the first clues that tell us something fishy is going on.Rising ActionThere are two rising actions in this story, the first is when Lydia & george walk into the nursery and see an bloody wallet & a scarf that belonged to them. This was very peculiar as it shows what the children were thinking. The second one is when peter basically threats his father when he says “I don’t think you’d better consider it anymore” This shows us that peter is not afraid of his father.

ClimaxThe climax is when Lydia & george hear screaming coming from the nursery, this means someone is suffering or dying, the parents are obviously worried about their children but suspect that it could all have been an prank from Peter &/or Wendy.Resolution The resolution is when Wendy asks the psychologist “A cup of tea?”. She says this as like nothing had happened to their parents.Her and Peter think that they can live on their own and with the robots. But who will be there to pay bills & take care of them.This shows that they don’t really care about their parents, they believe that the robots are their real parents.


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