Many business opportunities presented in the newfound market in Canada called upon our business team to enter and exploit them. To this end, it was determined that a team be formed comprising different members assigned different tasks.

The main aim was to open up the new market and deliver items for selling. With each member assigned different tasks, mine was to be the team leader. The Center for Management and Communication effectiveness (CMOE) (2008) identifies team leaders roles as to coordinate team members, ensure effective communication within the team and outside of the team, timely delivery of items into the new market, ensure the members worked to the advantage of the business, and other responsibilities seen necessary and appropriate. In the due course time of it was realized that sourcing and delivering of items into the new market experienced delays that could make loss of business and opportunity. The items were not entering the market as planned.

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This compelled the team leader to investigate the likely causes for the long delays experienced. In the process of investigation, brought to book to the disadvantage of the team was that team members were poorly coordinated; tasks assigned them were not done effectively, poor communication within the team and outside of the team, a lot of paper work in the customs department, and poor communication between the team and the customs department (CMOE , 2008). To solve these problems, the team leader proposed that, the customs department use available computer technology, which could effectively address the problem of delays in the customs departments and reduce paper work. Computer technology relayed information quickly and this saves a lot of wasted time. In addition, problems inherent within the team called upon the team leader to create an effective environment of trust between the team member and the team leader, define good communication channels through which information could be made readily available for all team members to elicit action. Any problems that may arise could immediately be resolved due to instant availability of information. It was determined that teamwork be encouraged within the team members, and the team leader exercise good team leadership skills.

These included identifying and solving problems quickly, developing good leadership skills and effectively using them in the development of the team as found in the (CMOE , 2008). The team building activity could strengthen the capability and capacity of the team members by strengthening their ability to overcome problems experienced in the course of duty. The team building methods could contribute to improved communication between the team members, customs personnel, and the people in the market.

This could make members feel motivated, know each other well, be involved in collective goal setting, and be self-regulating without need of regular supervision. In addition, the team members could learn their weaknesses and strengths and find ways of improving on their weaknesses. Improved collaboration between the team members could lead to improved team productivity. The team leader had to be flexible in decision-making and have good decision-making skills. These skills could enable the team leader make good decisions that may lead to improved productivity, team cohesion, openness of team members, agreeability, cooperation, emotional stability, and dedication.

This qualities could make the team members work effectively in opening up the new market that could lead the business to exploit the available opportunities and increase its profits. Use of computer technology, and good communication channels and effective teamwork contributed to success in exploiting the new opportunities.


Center for Management and Organization effectiveness (2008), Team building for skill development and high-performing teams.

Retrieved March 7, 2010 from A team is a collection of people who work to achieve a set goal.


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