Explain the principles of Haoura ?

perceives the significance of the function and role of the family, in giving
sustenance, bolster and a domain conductive to great wellbeing.Whanau not only
includes family but all the relationship of a person irrespective of life and
death.Whanau plays a central role for many M?ori, as a principal source of
strength, support, security and identity. Children who are disconnected from wh?nau can miss out on the
protective capacity of the wider family. So strengthening and maintaining
family connections is an important component of maori health. For Maori, whanau is about extended
relationships rather than the western nuclear family concept

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2. Whenua-When a baby is born to the people of
this land,to Maori, it is customary to bury the whenua or placenta in the
earth, to return it to the land. Most often the whenua is buried in a place
with ancestral connection, and is considered a physical and spiritual link to
the place of birth.The Earth Mother provides unity and identity to her people
and sustains them.This is the main source of strength and support for maoris
and gives a sense of identity,feeling of purpose,connetion and wellbeing.From
earth  people come to earth people return
is a popular saying among maori.

3.Tiana- For Maori the body and things
associated with it are Tapu (sacred). For instance the head is regarded as tapu and Maori do not
pat each other on the head, nor should food be anywhere near a persons head.
When this happens it can be perceived as unhealthy. Having optimal physical health
provides a good base from which one can respond to normal everyday activities.
At the point when our physical
wellbeing isn’t great it can prompt expanded stress, to losing our ‘punch’
forever or diminishing the measure of ‘good’ feelings we are able to do.
Staying fit and well allows our
mental health to flourish.

4.Wairua- Spirituality is recognized to be the
most basic necessity for wellbeing.Sense of belonging and ability to have faith
in a higher power all contribute to a strong wairua. Health is related to unseen and
unspoken energies. Maori
people in everyday life acknowledge and respect the presence of ancestors by
the observance of certain practices and procedures. A conventional M?ori investigation of
physical signs of sickness will concentrate on the wairua or soul, to decide if
harm here could be a contributing variable.From maori prespective a lack of
spirituality can effectively lead to lack of wellbeing.


5.Hinengaro- Thoughts, feelings and behaviour are
key to well being. Maori people believe that the mind cannot be separated from
either body or the soul. Mental
health and emotional health are often what others notice first when things
aren’t going so well in a person`s life. Solid intuition for a Maori individual is about relations.The
person whose initially thought is tied in with putting themselves, their own
desire and their needs in the first place, without perceiving the effect that
it might have on others is viewed as unhealthy. Correspondence through feelings is essential and more
significant than the trading of words and is esteemed the same amount of, for
instance, if Maori demonstrate what they feel, rather than discussing their
emotions, this is viewed as sound.


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