” DEEP ”

by the artist SEÇK?N P?R?M

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The Analysis of An Artwork

UNI 211

Instructor: Nicole Kançal Ferrari


, named as Derin in turkish, is one of the famous
artwork of artist Seçkin Pirim and it
was done in 2012 as a two-dimensional paper work. The original version of Deep
is exhibited and located in Istanbul Modern Art Museum and it is a part of “Artists
in Their Time” collection. There are no other copies of this artwork, only the
original version is existed. Deep is one of the works from “Discipline Factory”
series of Seçkin Pirim which he had been working on more than three and a half
years. Seçkin Pirim born in Ankara in 1977 and he earned his BA and MA from
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s Department of Sculpture. Seçkin Pirim is a
sculptor and his works are sometimes made from paper and sometimes they are
acrylic-based. He is an significant and famous artist because he is the first
turkish artist who has an personal exhibition in Saatchi Galery, in London.
Additionally, he won awards and prices in sculpture and design and also his
artworks are exhibited in more than 50 karma exhibitions and 11 personal
exhibition which 2 of them exhibited in foreign country. The Discipline Factory
series also consist on sculptures and paper cut-outs types artworks; Deep is
one example of this cut-outs paper works. Discipline Factory series which Deep
is inclueded, started to shape after Seçkin Pirim’s experiences in military
service which he did about 4 years before the exhibition of this series.
However, even thought these works shaped due to his military service
experiences, they do not direclty refer to phenomenon of military service.
These works are results of his questioning of everything he experinced, his
life, structures of society and systems of sutiations during this long military
service period of time which a person stands alone with himself and faces with
his own thoughts. He tries to show two different side of human life by making
his artworks one side is shiny and smooth while the other side composed of
layers. This technique makes references to human’s own dilemma; one shiny and
smooth side symbolizes to choose live free but maybe not totally able to do it,
and other layered side symbolizes life routines and life processes which we
have to involve in.

          If we particularly speak on Deep,
according to the informations that I gathered from Istanbul Modern Museum, I
learned that it is the paper cut-outs kind of work of art and it is formed of
layers. Deep is the largest piece in Discipline Factory series in terms of
size, which is 120 cm vertically and 270 cm horizontally long (120 x 270 cm).
Seçkin Pirim made this artwork by using metallic paint on paper. The “Deep” is
one of the the most remarkable and eye-catching artwork in Istanbul Modern
Museum. As a result of that, when the famous brand Vakko compromised with
Istanbul Modern Museum to create a special series of ties and scarfs which
comprises of some artworks in museum, The Deep also choosen for that special
series. This shows how Deep is grasping people’s attention and admiration.


           Vakko’s design and use of the
artwork ”Deep” in tie and scarf model


          When “Deep” is considered in
technical terms, Deep is formed by cutting 80 layers of paper. Artist choosed
“80” cutting because he tries to symbolize each year of the average life
expectancy in the world which is excepted as 80 years today. This work of art
comes into existance from first individually painted and then
superposed/overlapped 80 different layers of papers. The “Deep” as an
eye-cathing and unique artwork is an example of non-objective art owing to the
fact that it has no recognizable subject. Purpose of artist is to express his
experiences and show the reality that he observed and experienced.

          When I first saw Deep in museum, it appealled
my attention completely and it was the artwork that i like most. This artwork
seemed too much realistic like it tries to take the viewers into itself. The
main reason behind this feeling is the use of lines in this artwork. When Deep
is considered in terms of Visual Elements of Art, it can be seen that there are
circular lines starting from the corners and moving on to that black hole on
the middle with the curved changes on that lines place to place. This changes
creates another lines diagonally from corners to the center by the help of
sense of three-dimentionality. Three-dimention effect on that lines imply
movement and directionality to the artwork. All lines in Deep are actual lines;
they are connected and continuous. The orderly distributed lines from the frame
to the middle gives this artwork the sense of ‘depth’. Additionally, the
frequency of lines increase toward the middle; lines come closer when they
close to the black hole in the middle so that they can continue to maintain
depth, three-dimention impression and sense of movement. Use of lines in this
artwork creates illusion of possessing volume and three-dimentional space. When
we consider Deep in terms of shape, there are some usage of geometrical shapes
like cylindrical shapes by the help of  3-D
effected lines seems like embosed. Obviously, there is an aim to depicts space
on two-dimentional surface which is called illusion of depth. To create
illusion of depth, artist use linear perspective in his artwork. Addition to
this, there is also an illusion of motion. Artist prefers ‘optical art’ for
creating optical sense of movement through repetition of colors and lines.
Moreover, when Deep is considered in terms of color, black and white are used.
These colors used for triggering emotional response of viewer; while black
color is used for referring myserious and hidden feeling of unknown and creates
feeling of emptyness and obligation, white color is the color of freshness and
simplicity and creates feeling of being free. Placing black and white together
have a strong visual impact on viewer because intensity and sense of energy
created with using them side by side. In terms of Principles of Design, there
is a creation of visual unity by the help of black and white color harmony and repetition
of lines. Also lines which are used in this artwork have an influence on
creating balance. There is a symetrical balance and it is providing a
symetrical feeling to the artwork. More particullary, it can be considered that
this artwork has symmetrical balance due to it’s horizontal symmetry and
vertical symmetry. However, strong diagonal lines with 3-D effect create
dynamism. Rhythm is created by repeated modular units which are brings a 3-D
effect to the work and putting depth toward the dark center. Also, there is an
emphasis and focal point on the black hole by using directional lines and
strategically placing it in the center of artwork.

          In the context of this work of art,
Seçkin Pirim tries to touch the problem of ‘modernism’. Humanity stuck between
sistematic order, kaos and freedom under the name of modernism. People are
expoited with imposed boundaries in life’s modern system, sociological
structures and systematic structures. Deep refers to putting limits on humans
and attempting to exceed that limits in circle of life. Deep is an effort of
expressing “limitlessness” inside imposed limits. In other words, it is the
effort of making ‘the struggle of individual who is searching for freedom
inside the limits’ visible with using hipnotic impression. It seems like there
is an movement and continuous flow in this artwork; however, it also symbolize
being stick. When we go along the frame to the center, it gives an impression
of having an end but dark center creates the sense of “infinity”. People
believe that their boundaries and limits will be removed after a time and they
become free, nevertheless they might be dragged into infinite loop which can be
end up with black-hole of depression and captivity to the system because they
always stay between these two feeling inside them: one is the dream of freedom
and the other is the pessimism of endless dependency. The vicious circle that surrounding
the dark center symbolizes to keep in step with obligations and dependency.
Furthermore, Deep’s technic and structure challenge perceptional bounds of it.
It consists of 80 different layers which are painted seperately and superposed.
This technic refers to the endless waiting for getting rid of boundaries year
by year but it just brings accumulated burden same with the ways of layers come
together sussesively. When it is considered from this point of view, likewise
this artwork emphasizes ‘the effect of time on people’.

          In The Deep, artist aim to display
the two sides of people that they have inside them towards the life itself and
social orders, one side is free, shinny and unbounded and the other side
consists of the structures we have to comply and imposed upon us. All people
have these two sides and always feel the struggle of staying between them. When
I analyze Deep in details, I understood why this magnificent artwork influences
me that much when I saw in museum. Deep influences me and lots of viewer
because our own dilemmas about life itself are hidden inside it. We can see
ourselves and our inner feelings and struggles inside this artwork and the
artwork can represent us correlatively.
















Pirim’s own statements, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-_Rpd_jCfY



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