Executive SummarySocial media represents anopportunity for IFS to grow their audience in a cost-effective and quickmanner. IFS recognize and embrace the benefits and opportunities that socialmedia can bring as a tool. While these tools can offer many social and professionalbenefits, these opportunities come with challenges and risks.

We all need to beaware of the impact that misuse can have in its members and IFS’sreputation.  IFS advocates the use ofsocial media, but encourage a cautious and considered approach, while outliningthe standards of conduct expected from the employees.Policy StatementSocial media tools can bringtremendous values to the work environment.

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 Individuals, departments and programs can use such tools as socialnetworking sites to accomplish their strategic goals.  These technologies offer effective ways toengage with constituents worldwide and provide a powerful vehicle to leveragethose relationships. The goal in this is to help you use social media toolseffectively, protect your personal and professional reputation, and enhance theimage and communications efforts of IFS.PurposeSocial media can be used in theorganization to promote our brand, products and services, as well as tointeract with our clients, suppliers and to communicate information within theorganization. This will provide our staff with an alternative means ofcommunication between each other.

GuidelinesIFS is publishing the followingsocial media guidelines to enable its employees to confidently and safely usesocial media as well as to provide them with information for the appropriateuse of social media when connected to their statutes as a part of theorganization, or when directly or indirectly referencing IFS.?      IFShas the right to monitor its employees social media usage in the equipmentprovided by the company.?      Alwaysexercise good judgement and common sense.?      Beauthentic.?      Adjustyour privacy settings.

?      Rememberthat your social networking activities may create a perception about youremployer.?      Youare responsible for everything that you write or present, therefore beaccountable.?      IFSwill not prohibit the use of social media sties during work, however, do notlet social networking activities interfere with your work responsibilities andduties.?      Donot post or display comments about co-workers, supervisors or the company thatare vulgar, obscene, threatening, harassing or are a violation of the company’sworkplace policies.

?      Followthe terms and conditions of any social media sites and software.?      Confidentialinformation about the organization cannot be shared on social media platforms.?      IFSresources are to be used for the company related business purposes.  ?      Donot use your employer to promote any opinion used for purpose of politicalactivities or making any political statements?      Socialmedia accounts must adhere to the company brand guidelines.?      Respectthe privacy of the company, customers, vendors and co-workers.?      Trainingabout the do’s and don’ts of social media use will be implemented in ourorganization to reduce the risk of misuse.Guidelines for consequences of Social Media misconduct In the case of social mediamisconduct the following guidelines will apply?      IFSwill proceed with fairness and justice.?      IFSwill investigate and gather information and facts of the situation.?      Wewill notify the person and give them the opportunity to respond.?      Finallywe will assess all the information and determine the severity of thepunishment.This policy will be periodically reviewed with the properteams in order to ensure that still consistent and up-to-date.


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