Executive summary These report is telling us how we are going to building an event at the orchard. The event will be 3 days event. With the theme joy of Christmas. At the event is for all age and we spreading the joy of Christmas with music, food, ice skating, and games. From the event we sharing the culture of Christmas for everyone that celebrating and no celebrating it.

Orchard road is the place of tourism for Singapore. Main road where we can shopping and finding a lot of fun here. From these event is a charity event. Because we will donate the extra money to the orphans children. Half of the finance will be paid by the sponsors.  Introduction Christmas the biggest celebration that we can see it clearly in every country. In Singapore, we can find so many cultures so this country we celebrate every cultural event such as Christmas. The goal for these Christmas event is bringing the joy from Christmas for every age.

That’s why we having every facility for all age such as music band, ice skating, food event, and gingerbread design for bringing the joy of Christmas. And this theme will cover by the glacier that made of Styrofoam. And they just need to pay it only for s$20 for all of the facilities and the food. The crew we are from student volunteer and the sponsor. The sponsor what suitable for the event is cold storage, grab, Dbs and Posb bank, and Axa insurance company. From all of the sponsors and students, they will work to make it happened for this event.

One of the icon for tourism Singapore its Orchard Road. That’s why at these event orchard roads it’s the choice of the event. Feasibility study Behind every project and event that we saw all over Singapore it must have research how the customer get attracted by our event. Every year at orchard road they always are Christmas celebration.

One of the examples is last year in 2017 in Ngee Ann City civic plaza space 3000 sqm occupied by Christmas village. (city, 2017) There are food stall and they selling handmade stuff at Christmas village festival (Go to Appendix 1). From these event joy of Christmas event introducing the real Christmas feels and the environment by the glacier design, food, music, ice skating and designing the gingerbread (Go to Appendix 2). At the first we using the Arabian tent to prevent rain. An Arabian tent is matched with the décor glacier (go to Appendix 3). That the picture example of the tent and going to be designed by the glacier. For the student that going to be the volunteer is university students all over Singapore.

At this event, we need around 100 students that divided by 3 shift. Morning, afternoon and night time. All of the tent, music stage, and ice skating side will be prepared a day before the festival begin. We are having full team emergency police and ambulance that standby from orchard police department and Mount Elizabeth hospital for an emergency.  Methodology Primary researchBase on the survey from 10 people that I take it from orchard road.  Base on the survey said the event can be success full because from 10 people that I took the survey said it’s a great idea.

For bringing the joy of Christmas. And from the Q1 and Q2 some of the people even they are not celebrating Christmas they still bringing the joy of Christmas. They are very positive for the 5 items that going to be the figure for the event such as music, food, ice skating, gingerbread design, and the glacier tunnel. Almost all of them haven’t been to orchard road on Christmas day. They will try if the event is on. From the survey about Christmas food, they want more sweets for the treats.

Such as carrot cake, Jaffa cake, candy cane and mince pie. Songs it’s important for making the fillings for the Christmas the survey said Christmas song it’s the best but even better if we include classical, jazz and acoustic music into the event. And from the survey, we will be having a photo booth with the Santa Claus. Overall their expectation for this event we can deliver what they want.  (Go to appendix 4)Secondary research What we can see from the primary research up there.

That the event is interesting for tourist for going there. These not the first Christmas event at Ngee Ann City civic square for the Christmas celebration. Base on the research and comments from the website about celebrated Christmas at orchard road last year 2017 is not really attracted because the event it not suitable for all age. (advistor, 2017) Especially for the kids. They only having Santa photo booth and when the parents it’s enjoying the music all the kids having no activity to get distracted. But beside that is pretty nice event.

Because as we can see Christmas holiday is where the school holiday also so they the parents who going for vacation they will bringing their kids to having a vacation with them. At Christmas holiday we need to prepare for every age in every attraction because it’s a holiday season.  Analysis and evaluation At the first for having an event, we need the license for everything and the emergency and safety support.  And after 3 days before Christmas we starting to put the tent. In advance around a week before the tent build, we need to start preparing the Styrofoam to make the design so when the day we just need to stick it to the wall. When the tent is built we need to put the ice field, stage prepares all the stuff for the music band, food stall, chair, and the table also.

The tent we will rent it from sincere system enterprise (http://sinceresystem.com.sg/tents/) (system, 2017) they rent the tent, audio system, decoration balloon, lightning, decoration, table, and chair. We can rent everything just from one place. And all of the food cold ham and turkey, seafood, and salad, roast ham, and turkey with the stuffing, Christmas pudding, custard, and candy it will be prepared by Cold storage supermarket.

There is Cold storage supermarket at Ngee Ann City shopping mall. The food will be prepared from the night before. And it needs a license for the food hygiene and safety.

For the ice skating, we rent it from extra ice rinks we going to rent the 1055 sqm. (rinks, 2017)(Go to Appendix 5) From the data, we will get everything that we need for the ice field. Everything is already settled for the ice skating. For the gingerbread design, we also got it from Cold storage supermarket. (storage, n.

d.)The gingerbread design will design made by royal icing. So it safe for the children. By colorful royal icing. Every food that is served at the event can be trade by the coupons.

At the 5 kinds of the food, all of them need to trade by the coupons that the customer gets it from the ticketing at the front gate. Also the same with the gingerbread one coupon can worth for 2 gingerbread and the royal icing is available at the decoration table.  They having unlimited time to stay at the festival. All of the cost will be covered by the sponsors. The sponsors will be cold storage, grab, Dbs and Posb bank, and Axa insurance company. The crew will be the students from all university that want to participate in the event will be getting the t-shirt and a certificate. They are the volunteer so we just can give what we can give. All of the money at the first we need to pay the half of the rent for everything and the food also the other half the sponsors will support all of the financial.

If we getting more money than the cost we will donate it to the orphans all over Singapore. Giving the orphans the best life like the normal kids. What we can support its money for education and all of the facility for the orphans.Conclusion Christmas is the celebration that place celebrate it.

The most important that must happening on Christmas is the JOY the happiness that bring the culture the respect for the Christmas. Because we spend it for the joy that’s why we spending all of the money for the orphans. Sharing the joy for everyone who need it is the best that we can do for satisfying our self. Where ever the celebration or any celebration it must be for all age so we need to make the festival celebration suitable for all age. Joy is need it for anyone so share it while we can while Christmas.



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