” As of now 23 countries use the death penalty. The U.S., ranked fifth, executed 46 prisoners.

Iran, ranked second, executed at least 252. China, according to Amnesty International, executed “thousands. The exact number is a state secret but  is estimated to be roughly 5000” (Amnesty international) reports.The Country of China has 55 crimes punishable by death.

Which by international standards is consider high. China has made efforts to reduce it as example of this being the ” Supreme People’s Court reclaimed its right of final review, ending the practice of allowing lower courts to order executions, following media reports exposing a string of wrongful convictions concealed by investigators” However the biggest influence being the backlash by so many international communities. The only reason China is taking steps is due to the backlash it is receiving. Even though there have been improvements China still has the highest execution rate executing compared to even the world combined. In This semester of Global perspective we focused on Faiths, Ethics and Ideology, Using the range of perspective I will be analysing the cause and effects of taken by the stakeholders.The first stakeholder In this issue I will be analysing is the Supreme court specifically Ni Shouming, the court’s spokesman.

He himself states “The lower courts have to be more prudent now. If a case is sent back for a retrial by the highest court, it not only means the first judgment is wrong, but also a matter of shame for the lower court,”. Shouming now recognises how the lower have been quite been very imprudent and how the system being regulated properly. To further reinforce this The history of the death penalty in China, as well as cruel punishments, is deeply rooted, dating back thousands of years. Political philosopher Shang Yang (390-338 BCE) was among the founders of Chinese legalism, a classical school of thought, and known for advocating a stronger judicial system whilst attempting to create a stronger judicial system a lot of crimes had implication of the death penalty.

The main principle was that maximum punishments would be used even for minimal crimes of all kinds.Specifically China defends the death sentence as necessary to protect the state and the people, and says conditions are not yet ripe for its abolishment.( Reuters


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