Excess weight isdefinitely unattractive, but more importantly, it is a serious health hazard. Obesity affects everyaspect of a people’s lives, from health to relationships. Obesity & Dyslipidemiaoccurs due to today life style and food habit.Fatis the main source of stored energy and it also secretes number of hormones,butexcessive  accumulation of fat  is called obesity  that present a risk to health, and it mayshorten the span of life as well as create diminished  efficiency and happiness , Obesity is agrowing health issue around the world and it is reaches epidemic properties insome nations.

If the ideal weight ofan individual is that maximizes life expectancy .Obesity may be defined as anillness where the health (and hence life expectancy) is adversely affected byexcess body fat.Obesity is simply theresult of bad diet or willful overeating, it is not just cosmetic concern itincrease rick of diseases. It is potent co morbid risk factor for mortality& morbidity, if it remains untreated.Dyslipidemia can bedefined as abnormal amount of lipid and lipoprotein in the blood, and it is   one ofthe major risk factor for cardio vascular disease, stroke and peripheralvascular disease.

Total cholesterol increases on an average rate of more than2mg/dl per year during early adulthood. Men aged 45 years or older and womenaged 55 years or older are considered to have age as a risk factor. Inworldwide review, according to WHO over all raised cholesterol is estimated tocause 2.6million death of 4.5%total population and 29.7 million disabilities5?According to WHO overall raised cholesterol is estimated to cause 2.

6 million death of 45 % totalpopulation and 29.7 million disability.WHO in its report thathigh cholesterol contributes 56% of cases of CAD and causes about4.

4 million deathevery year. In India Angina occur at younger age and severe more expensiveWHO (2002) Reportedthat high cholesterol level is one of the main non communicable disease relatedrick factor in India.Recentsurveys show that there are more than 1 billion obese adults worldwide.  India ranks among the top 10 obese nations ofthe world and about one million urban Indians are overweight or obese. No wonder that the World Health Organizationhas concluded that obesity is the major unmet public health problem worldwide 9Now days everybody is conscious about weight andhealth and trying to identify risk factors and health promotion activities andprimary prevention is increases of chronic diseases.

 Accordingto National commission on macroeconomics and Health (NCMH) a Government ofIndia undertaking, there would be around 62 million patients with coronaryartery disease by 2015 and out of these 23 million would be patients youngerthan 40 year of age.1Ingeneral studies show that for each 1mg/dl decrease in LDL cholesterol in theplasma, there is about 2 percent decrease in mortality from atheroscleroticcardiovascular diseases.2Therefore, appropriate preventive measures are valuable. In modern medicineinnumerable drugs are used for the treatment of Dyslipidemia but success ratesare not appreciable due to wide side effects. Hence an attempt will be made topursue the topic dyslipidemia with Ayurvedicway of management.InAyurvedic Samhitas Bahuabadit Medas3and Aparipakav Medas 4wordsare explained which give clue regarding Dyslipidemia. Shonit abhishyand dhamanipratichyat it means that hyperlipidemialeads to Atherosclerosis.

5Inthis study Arthraksha Ghanvati was triedfor the effective management of this dreadful disease. Ingredients of thisformulation are mentioned in Bhavprakash.Arth6means heart and Raksha means protection, this formulation will helplike cardio protector due its antihyperlipidemic quality Ingredients include Haritaki, Vacha, Rasna, Pipali,  Shunti, Shati and Pushkarmool and these drugs are mainly Katu, Tikta, Kshaya Rasatmak in nature and Ushna,  Ruksha,  Tikshna in guna, which are Kaphhara, Medohara and Raktshodhak  in action ,which may help to reduce elevatedlipids and to prevent complications due to this.

Dyslipidemia is hidden orsilent risk factor. Because it has no symptoms.It is one of the biggest burdenson our society today .Finding the problem early allows you to take actionbefore it too late.     1 Indrayan A forecasting vasculardisease cases and associated mortality in India. Report of the NationalCommision on macroeconomics and health and family 7th and 8thwelfare, India 2005. 2 Medical Physiology by Gyton andHall.

Edition :12th,chapter -68 ,page no. 829. 3Trikamji-Yadavji,SushrutSamhita,NibandhSangrahcommented by DalhanacharyaNavyaChandrikateekaon NidanaSthanaby Gayadas.ChaukhambaOrientalia,Varanasi 6th Edition 1997 page no.

289-290. 4Agnivesha, ‘CharakaSamhita’, revised by Charak and Dridhbalawith ‘Ayurveda Dipika’ commented by Chakrapanidatta,edited by Vaidya YadavjiTrikamji, ChaukhambaSaurbhartiPrakashan, GopalMandirLane, Varanasi-221001, India, reprint 2005, SutraSthana26/84. 5BhavaprakashVidyotiniTika, Jwaradhikara ,dwitiyabhag of Sri BhavaMisra and SriRupalalajiVaisya, Hridrogadhikara (34/12). 6 Agnivesha,Charak Samhita,Chakarpanidatta Teeka, Acharya Yadmji Trikamji,4th Ed, Varansi ChoukhambhaSanskrit Samsthan, 2015 p 183  


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