Results. Grades. Most of our students’ life contains these keywords.Especially grades are a matter of success and defeat for many hardworkingstudents.

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In our educational system it is common to test the knowledge ofstudents in a specific subject and then grade them according to theirachievements. The grade ‘6’ is the best and most prestigious, while ‘1’ is theworst and the scorned. Students who get a 6 are considered really smart whilethose who fail are taken to be stupid.

Now the question is, do grades reallysay something about our intelligence? Or is it a misinterpretation?                                                                        Fact is that good grades do not make a statement aboutour intelligence. Grades reflect the effort that a student has put into theclass. Therefore, when someone study hard, he would get a better mark than ifhe would be lazy. For this reason many brilliant children suffer from learningdisabilities, which has an effect on their grades.

So you cannot assert thatsomeone is clever, only because he is excellent at school.                                                                  The truth is we do not write the same exams worldwide.Therefore the grades are easy to manipulate because it depend on the teacherand his tests.

For example, one math teacher may require students to show how they solve the tasks, while another may only require answers.Therefore, a student can get a good grade in one teacher’s class while anotherstudent gets a bad grade in another teacher’s class even though the quality ofthe work they are doing is identical. This influences the success in an examand it can make it difficult for schools which are trying to compare studentsusing general grades. Thus we should think about a change of our system forgiving marks.                                                               The pressure by parents and schools to achieve goodgrades has created stress in the last years.

The stress has gotten so high thatit leads to health problems in certain cases. This pressure could lead toanxiety or depression. For some students it can be very hard, because they tryeverything they can, and sometimes it is not good enough to reach a good grade.

Consequently they put themselves under stress and therefore they do not getgood grades in the future. Students like this should not think that good gradesare the only way to be successful in life. What counts, are the achievements after school.                                       All in all, we can say, that we should not attach thatmuch importance to grades. They are simply a way of measuring how well thestudent can confirm to the teacher’s way of doing something.

We cannot controlour whole success of an exam, but we can do the best for it. Even if it is notthe best performance, we should not stress ourselves by reason of a basicnumber. We should not forget that it is only a little part of our life.


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