It is one of the biggest airline companies of Britain that is the second largest airline operator of Europe and the largest operator of the Britain. It has been operating not only on the long routes but even providing services to the customers or the passengers or the short route distances or within the Europe or the country itself. The prime hubs of British Airways are the London Gatwick and the London Heathrow. There are almost more than Five hundred and fifty destinations to which it is providing the services of airline operations.

HISTORICAL BACKGORUND OF BRITISH AIRWAYSOne of the most reputed airline of the world has been British Airways as it is leading not only in the kind of technology that it is using for its various operations but also the amounts of investments that it is putting in regard of its safety it is providing to its customers. It was in 1919 that the company has started its operations with the name of “Aircraft Transport and Travel” which had its initial international flight that was there between Paris to Hounslow on the London Heathrow.It is among the few big airline operators that has been successfully diversifying its operations on a global level. This has been on account of the investments that the company has always put on the usage of the best equipments and systems to help its customers to get the best of its services from them. Even the aircrafts used by the airline are one of the latest models that are able to provide various facilities to the customers on board.It has also successfully utilized the policies of mergers and acquisitions by which it is trying to diversify its operations to the maximum possible for instance in 1935 it merged its operations with the Imperial Airways to actually initiate the private owned British Airways.

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It was however afterwards that in 1939 that the British Airways and Imperial Airways were nationalized mainly on account of this becoming BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporations).In the present business organizations the operations being performed are too challenging due to which these complex operations are being performed by different subsystems. These subsystems are the individual component that join together to make it possible for any firm to attain its overall aims. Thus such kinds of entities are termed as the emergent properties.

In certain cases emergent properties are providing advantages to its users by following various products in order to assists the various jobs that are designers are never thinking of. These can be harmful in case they are not able to understand the significant of the needs of safety.Thus there is a substantial amount of issues or dissatisfaction concerning the emergent properties nature. There is emergent properties which applied shows behavior that individually is not able to make any sense but when taken comprehensive helps in the understanding the overall systems. As per the management policies or strategies of British Airways there are no specific problems but there are various problems that the company is handling.BRITISH AIRWAYS ABSTRACT AND CONCRETE CONNEXIONSConnexions are basically of two kinds involving the abstract and the concrete connexions. But for the success of any organization it is necessary that there is a proper provision of both these connexions for the attaining of the overall objectives of the system and also the subsystems’ objectives. The abstract connexions are referring to the intangibles or the mental concepts that are not possible for any person to see or touch them but can be felt only for instance any person’s intelligence can be felt only but not seen or touched.

Physical components are the ones that generally comprise the connexions. These are in the form of computers or the other peripheral devices that are used by the different departments.TASK V-MATERIAL AND THE INFORMATIONAL FLOW OF THE BRITISH AIRWAYSThe prime motive of the information systems is to help the proper taking decisions procedures by the firms and to increase the profits and the image of the firm in the market by providing satisfaction to the customers’ demands and lowering of the operational costs and controlling systems Feedback is a procedure in which there are two individuals having the common goal of enhancing their performance levels are interacting with each other and thus it helps in the providing certain recommendations in this regard. There are basically different kinds of feedback.

These are:a. Positive feedback that helps in raising the output b. Negative feedback that helps in the decreasing of the output.

 c. Bi polar feedback is the one that has no effect in the sense it neither enhances nor diminishes the output.SYSTEM DESCRIPTION’S SIX STEP METHODOLOGYThere are basically six various phases that are there in the system description that was given by Morris and White (1982) as follows: 1.

Awareness – as per (Harry, 2001) it is a phase which is recognizing that each system is a concept for someone. All the sub systems are being used as the three levels that are at the operational, tactical and strategically put in a hierarchical form. 2. Commitment – It is a phase in which the different sub systems that are working the different departments of the British Airways are helping them to attain the overall goals of the system.3. Detection- It is a phase in which the departments are being evaluated and the answer to the specific queries are required to be found these are: a. In this the accounting department is composed by several sub systems that are interacting with each other and the environment in order to perform the various functions.

 b. In case if any of the subsystems is missing from the accounting sub system of the British Airways then it would be having a substantial impact on the overall operations of not only the accounting system but also the comprehensive system of the entire organization.c. There are various components or subsystems that are engaged in the performing of specific functions that has interconnectivity with the other for instance the gathering and the accounting department.

In this the operations results the entire departments results and the emergent property. 4. Separation- this helps in the detailing and the evaluating the system in the situation of complexity so that it is able to distinguish the sub systems under three are different types of results of specific system which are ultimately seen in the forms of various commodities and servicers and the profits which are being earned by the forms.However there are subs systems that are contributing significantly to the outcomes of the entire system taken together.

For example the accounting systems used by the firm are providing the benefit to the comprehensive system and not merely to that specific sub system only. Thus it is assisting the decision makers to take suitable policies for the entire setup. Thus it is beneficial for the systems due to their relevance and reliability.There has been a substantial rise in the performance that is generally there in the system that at various types of accounting information is given by the particular sub system which is assisting the subsystem. For instance the marketing divisions to take the right decisions on the actual sale basis and the personal department are able to take right kind of people for its departments. How is the comprehensive system helping the accounts sub systems in accomplishing its goals?The entire system is assisting in giving the relevant, latest and the crucial information which can be utilized by the different departments for attaining their specific goals. How is the system assisting the firm in setting its goals? A system helps in the precise clarifying of the various goals for the different subsystems so that they are in synchronization with the comprehensive goals of the system.

CONCLUSIONAfter conducting the system analysis it can be easily seen that the different sub systems are significant in the sense that their individual operation results are affecting the results of the overall comprehensive system of the companies like in the case of the British Airways. Therefore it is being seen that the firms are able to take timely and correct decisions based on the information that is provided to the different sections of the British Airways.


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