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   VISIONTo beone of the most leading brands of best quality of services, hospitality andfoster faithful relationship. To be the first to be contacted for anything andeverything about events across the country. Task 1Describe the skills required for an Event organizer Theskills required for an event organizer are as follows.

1.     Communications andinterpersonal skills – Communication skill is one of the most basic and importantskill an event organizer must have because clear communication between the teamis very necessary to make an event successful. And also every event needinterpersonal skills an example of interpersonal skill is making andassumptions of what is happening this may lead to mistakes it is important foran event organizer to check and double check all the arrangements.2.     Time management skills –It is one of the mostessential skill a event organizer must have because if anything is not done ontime then the event would be a big failure and your company too.3.

     Planning –Planning is verynecessary because without a plan an event cannot happen it is theresponsibility of the event organizer to check whether the planning is doneproperly and is executed accordingly.4.     Negotiating-Negotiating is aboutdemands of people and your requirements to make profit or make an eventsuccessful. Where the event organizer has to see that the client is alsosatisfied and his needs are also fulfilled.5.     Problem solving – A good event organizeralways has a plan B.

When something goes wrong he/she does not becomeinpatient. He or she must always look for the solution patiently for E.G ifthere is a certain power cut in the venue so it is the responsibility of theevent organizer to solve the problem.6.     Resource management – This means everyphysical resources required to run a successful event like DJ ,cateringservices , venue , ICT equipment, chairs table ,accommodation  etc .In resources management it is necessaryto measure how effectively resources have been utilized. Resource management isvery necessary because without resources a event cannot happen.

   Task 2Explain the role of an event organizer.An event organizer playsa very vital role in making an event grand and successful there is so much togo when you are planning an big event from finance to all thearrangements(venue, catering music system etc).Following are the role ofan event organizer-Organizing the venue – Selection of a rightvenue is very important because the event organizer will have to see whetherthe transportation facility is available for the venue. How much far the venuefrom the city is how the surrounding is around.

 Meeting legal requirements – legal permission is veryimportant from the local body before planning a event, legal requirements suchas agreement of the venue, agreement between the client and the eventorganizing company, if we are playing loud music then permission from the policeor pollution control board is very necessary. The event organizer must meet allthe legal requirements before planning and executing an event.Catering services – Food is very essentialwhere ever we go.

So arranging a good catering service is the responsibility ofthe event organizer if the event is for too long other facilities like drinkingwater and washroom facilities must also be arranged for an event.Pre-event plan – Prior checking is the key responsibility of anevent organizer because sometimes things get misplaced or some of things arenot done proper so arranging things in a proper way before the event is theresponsibility of an event organizer.Monitoring – when the event is going on monitoring (checking)all the things are running properly is very important.

Cleaning up the venue- when the event is over itis the responsibility of the event organizer to clear up the venue and checkwhether anything is not misplaced and complete all the documentation work withthe legal bodies. Task 3Prepare a planfor a business event.Plan for ELOCUTION COMPETITION     REQUIREMENTSRoom – There must be a proper room where almost 100 people can sitwith proper ventilation and there must be proper electricity connectivity.Projector- A good projector is required so that we can show thename of the topics visible for the audience on screen.

Chairs and tables – There must be proper sitting arrangement foralmost 100 people (chairs must be comfortable for sitting) a special chair andtable must be available for the judge. Speaker and mike- A good quality speaker and mike is required sothat the audience is able to listen to the participant speaking properly.Certificates and prizes – After the event gets over the winner andthe participants must be felicitated with certificates and prizes.  Judges – A judge is required who can judge the participant on thebasis of confidence , communication skills and content of the topic Score sheet, Pen – score sheet and pen are very necessary as itmay sound as a small resource but without it participants can’t be given thescore Water – proper water facility for the participants, audience andjudge is important each and everyone in the event must be provided with a waterbottle .      LEGAL REQUIREMENTS Permission from the HOD Permission from the Admin department for classroom       BUDGETING Certificates and prizes – 2000 rs  Task4Arrangeand organize a venue for a business event, ensuring health and safetyrequirements are met.We have arranged a elocution competition on 18thof November 2017 the motive of this event is to bring the students together andknow their ideas and thinking on some important topics and so that the studentscan remove the fear of public speaking inside them.The venue is organized for inter trade elocutioncompetition Venue -Restaurant The advantages of the venue are that it is fully air conditionaland the space is also large where almost 100 students can come it has allrequired electronics items (projector and speaker)Safety measures taken arefirst aid box and fire extinguisher First aid box must have paracetamol as if participants may havefever due to fear or any other thing they can be given the meditation. Fireextinguisher is must as there could be fire due to wires or any other things.

 Task5Providesupport for the running of an event. (Group Activity).Weorganized an inter trade elocution competition for the students on 18thof October 2017.      REQUIREMENTSRoomProjectorChairs and tablesSpeaker and mikeCertificates and prizesJudgesScore sheet , PenWater      LEGAL REQUIREMENTS Permission from the HOD Permission from the Admin department for classroom       BUDGETING Certificates and prizes – 2000 rs   Weorganized the elocution competition on 18th of October 2017Weselected the restaurant as the venue because it was fully air conditioner andhad a space for almost 100 students it had a projector connection.

We took theparticipation of almost 20 students from all the trade. We arranged for 17participation certificates and 3 winner certificates for 1st, 2ndand 3rd. Our judge was Mrs Preeti Singh who is working with Indianrailways and has contributed in personality development and was a director of speakwell academy. Thecompetition started at 1pm and ended at 4 pm each participant was given a timelimit of 5-7 minutes.Theissues we faced were light cut out and backing off of students from theparticipation.   Thecompetition went well and the winner was announced on the spot and felicitatedwith gifts there was a short speech by Mrs preeti singh on personalitydevelopment.

After the event we submitted all the things to the administrationdepartment we checked if anything was not missing.We researched on what topics should begiven to the students by seeing the current state of the country we came to thefollowing topics The topics given to the participantswere ·        Views on smart village ·        Agricultural India·        Developing India  Theimportant part was making the students participate in the competition we toldthem the benefits of elocution and why they should participate in it wemotivated them they were free to choose the topics given to them arepresentative was chosen from each batch to take the names of the participantswith the topic. We got almost 20 participants. Task6Produceguidelines for dealing with problems.

Wedid not face any major problems while doing the event but problems that canhappen while organizing a event are listed below. PROBLEMS SOLUTION Budget constrains An event organizer often times has problems while working within a rigid budget. During the recession, the budget tends to be very low. However, the expectations continue to be on the higher side.

If the event is for a social cause than an event organizer can count on tax benefits. But if it is purely for entertainment purposes, then the challenge is huge 1.       Set a clear budget limit for your event 2.       Track your expenses as you go 3.

       Get creative and get up with idea Time management its vital to invest right resources at the right time at the right place sometimes a event could go totally wrong if time is not managed properly. 1.       set short and long term targets to make sure things are done when they need to be 2.       start off with the info essentials  event venue , event size. Insufficient human power Not all event managements teams are too strong or big sometimes its one person army tackling the annual conference and other time it is a team of ten devoted souls working towards an exhibition. 1.

      Ask for help when you need it 2.      Be a team player Careless mistakes Things sometimes do not go according we plan it so small careless mistakes can get us into big trouble 1.       Make sure you and your team are aware of the plan and are fully devoted to it 2.       Do every small thing on time which will reduce the risk of mistakes.               Task7 (Group Activity)Carryout follow-up activities after a business event.

Afterthe event was completed successfully following follow up activity were takenplace § Cleaning the room ifthere is any litter here and there and checking that no property has beendamaged § Clearing the chairs andtables sending them from where they were brought. § Informing theadministration department that the event is over and giving them the room keysback. § Thank you not was send topreeti singh who was our judge and the administration department for theirpermission and support.

§ Payments were clearedbefore the event.Task 8(Group Activity)Review the success of the business event.Thefeedback from the participant and the audience was good enough many peoplesuggested things to be improved and we got a good response from the audience asthey found is useful and the participant found it useful for their development.              The elocution competition wassuccessful and we got a good response from the students almost 70% of thestudents found it to be use full, 20% of the students gave us very good, 15% ofthe students found it good, and 5% students found it satisfactory.



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