Every minute in Texas, a car crash is reported, and everycouple and a half hours in Texas, a person is killed in an auto accident, whileanother one gets injured every two minutes and seven seconds.

These numbers arebased on the 2015report by the Texas Department of Transportation. This makes auto accidentsone of the most common causes of injury in Texas every year. When you or aloved one gets injured in an auto accident in Texas, do you know your rightsand the actions you can take in order to be legally compensated?Not only will injuries bury you in a mountain of medical bills,the road to recovery is also painful and can deter you from working for a longtime, or even permanently.

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That’s why it is important to know your rights andyour legal options for personal injury caused by auto accidents in Texas.Getting a TexasPersonal Injury AttorneyIf you have been injured in an auto accident caused byanother motorist or an entity in Texas, the first step that you should take isto contact a Texaspersonal injury attorney to give you legal advice on demanding forsettlement or compensation and making claims.Whether you are a passenger or a driver injured in an autoaccident, under Texas law, you have rights. With Texas as a “faultstate,” you have the right to file an insurance claim or lawsuit againstthe at-fault to pursue the damages.As an overview, your rights include seeking compensationfor:·        Medical bills, including bills involvingrecovery and rehabilitation·        Temporary or permanent disability·        Lost or damaged personal property·        Potential loss of income or capacity to earn·        Trauma and mental distress caused by theaccidentIt is also necessary to be aware of the statuteof limitations.

The deadline for filing a personal injury complaint inTexas is two years from when the accident happened. When the at-fault is thegovernment or a government employee, administrative claims should be filed within60to 90 days. Consult a Texas personal injury attorney to guide you throughthe process and make sure you take all the necessary steps at the right time.Contact Wash Personal Injury AttorneyIf you have been recently injured in an auto accident inTexas, call Wash & Thomas Attorneys right away. Our experienced Texaspersonal injury attorneys will ensure to protect your rights and provide you premiumlegal representation to pursue the justice and settlement you deserve.


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