Every candidate’s questionnaire comprises of
“Where do you see yourself in the coming decade?”….this reverberated in my mind
and I had to answer myself; and I did, comprehensively. The answer was mechanical
engineering and I want the University of Toronto to be the road map for my
treasure. The University
of Toronto has always been at the frontiers of scientific research which is
essential for snowballing my career in the mechanical sphere. Childhood
activities like go karting, Formula One races, remote controlled toy cars drew me
more towards mechanical engineering. I have studied in one of the best institutes of India and I feel
the need to expose myself to research in Canada. Therefore, I am seeking a
graduate seat at the University of Toronto.

Right from boyhood I have always
adopted a rigorous approach in order to attain an in-depth understanding of knowledge
at hand. This has given me a broad conceptual basis, which, I believe, is
essential for my research career. The unfathomable desire to learn physics and
mathematics made me appear for International and National Olympiads. This love
for science and mathematics compelled me to appear for NSW-Australia
scholarship and also secure distinction.  Further strengthening my academic career I propitiously
graduated secondary school (10th grade) as the Valedictorian not just because
of academics but also because I was the school Football, Martial arts and Chess
team captain and had represented my school in majority of sports at the zonal

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When high school was done I realized
I was through one of the most formidable engineering entrance exams of India
with more than 99.5 percentile. I got admitted into National Institute of
Technology, Nagpur which is coined because of its significance of an institute
of national importance. Myriad number of core mechanical courses were instructed
at the university. But, I being intrusive needed more adrenaline so I participated
in internal combustion engine RC racing events winning majority of the events
at the National level; the event comprised of machine fabrication and probed
driving skills too. I was the event manager of AXIS; central India’s largest
technical festival administering the Mechatryst event and also circumstantial
superintendence in AAROHI; the cultural festival of my university.


I took immense pleasure in
learning new concepts and formulating them into real world notions. 4 years of engineering
were involved with innumerable theories, ideas and innovations. As a part of my
final year project module I had successfully completed the project ‘pressure
curve reconstruction of an IC Engine cylinder using instantaneous angular speed
of rotation’ which is contemporaneously getting ready for publication. This
particular thesis refined me into a real world engineer fostering my analytical
and practical skillset. I may have been on par during some of those semester
examinations because I was meticulously preparing for my RC buggy racing events.
Though the grades lowered a bit but I never looked back to the modulating
evaluations because I was becoming pragmatic and not postulatory. Arguably my
curriculum would boast more about my academic achievements but I am an eminent
athlete as well. Particularly into field sports and weightlifting recently I
was awarded as the best player in the Hero Football League and had also
marshalled my college team in Football and Cricket tournaments. I am an ardent
fan of music and playing instruments too, guitar and harmonica are like staple
food for me now. Apart from these activities I also did community service and
was part of the college NGO known as PRAYASS.

During the mid-year summer breaks I took up internships. The
first intern was at a local mechanical workshop fabricating my RC buggy chassis.
The second one was more professional at Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing unit tooling
division in Mumbai, which is idealized as the biggest tooling division of India.
After the tenure of 2 months I could define Milling Operations in a
logical way to support automation of die casting milling tasks and
understanding various controllers of CNC machines and their respective
machining processes. The third one at Electronic Devices SigmaWeld
Automation Division enumerating valuable contributions to indigenous and
customized solutions tailor made for Industrial contributions. Moreover my
contributions are implemented in ‘Godrej-lip welding SPM’ currently.
At the commencement of the final year of engineering I got an offer from HERO
MOTOCORP LTD, the world’s largest two wheeler manufacturing company. Hired as a
Graduate Engineer Trainee, later after a hands-on automobile service training I
was offered a role of Territory Service Manager administering HERO dealerships. The
work profile incorporates maximizing the efficiency, revenue and productivity
along with achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, cogent
technical knowledge, extensive practical experience in vehicle servicing and
repairs and pristine diagnostic skills.


Knowledge is like a muscle, you strengthen it
when you work on it. If we hate being a doormat then we gotta get off the floor
and I want to invariably get off! My studies, projects and internships so far
have given me the confidence to stroll to the next stage of my career plan.
Naturally this requires preparation, so currently I am focusing on pursuing an
MS, possibly with a few subsequent years as an active research and development
expert at an organization. After gaining firsthand experience and knowledge of
working in a company, I would like to launch my own business and become a
successful entrepreneur. Radically, I want to convert my innovations into an
enterprise. The mix of research and applied concepts that I would learn this
way, will allow me to grow and contribute to society’s development.

This inquisitive nature of mine along-with a desire to realize my
full potential drove me towards entrepreneurship wherein I formulated one of my
sophomore research ideas into a business model. I had found a core mechanical
engineering idea which could solve majority of water problems in metropolitan
cities of India. This particular gene inside me wants to be in the University of Toronto: The Centre for Engineering Innovation &
Entrepreneurship (CEIE) squad. CEIE will facilitate me in celebrating
multidisciplinary collaboration to the fullest and encourage me to bring my
innovative ideas and products to the marketplace.

I want to pursue Masters from the
University of Toronto because the facilities there seem to foster a healthy
research environment as I could gather from the brochure of the Mechanical Engineering
department. A strong sense of purpose and the determination to mutate young grey
matters into research and the presence of industry stalwarts such as Professor Cristina
H. Amon, Professor Javad
Mostaghimi and Professor Kamran
Behdinan, have convinced me that the University of Toronto
is the ‘mentor’ I seek. I believe that I possess the motivation, the
intellectual ability, and the preparation to set out on this exhilarating and
arduous path, to do justice to a demanding Graduate program ultimately making
significant contributions to the ongoing work and also satisfying my childhood



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