Every profession, Career has a different type of work than the other. Each has its own policy, which is determined by the nature of the jurisdiction on which the work is performed, and according to the available conditions that constitute the main factor of production. Every profession has its actuality and superstitions.

Making a Movie mix and distinguish between that so good that brain can’t release that.  In my Short Movie “TIME” I made special in very ordinary place. I tried to use all the  elements of the mise en scène to create a Short Science Fiction Movie..The story begins by introducing the God of Time “Clocks’ Man”. He appears suddenly in a mysterious room. Something went wrong and pushed him to appear.

Time, Place, Date is unknown. We hear only the sound of different elements, it’s like time was just made. A Bing Bang Time, if you hear very close.He’s bringing the time with him in a shape of white wall clock. He’s holding it with his left hand. We can see that it is on 00:00. It has no values yet.

Dressing in dark blue suit indicate that he’s cold, deadly, but spiritual and confidence also shows order, stability, security.  On the right hand, he’s holding a whisky bottle and glass. This shows that he’s classy, strong and has test. Whiskey with its different sorts has become a film trope long time ago. The protagonist is expected to drown his or her sorrows in a glass of brown liquid.When the protagonist drinks, it’s sign for the audience that he or she has a problem and use alcohol to escape from it. But for me there is better way of looking into it: who started this stereotype? Fiction or Reality? When we see a man drinking Whisky, is it because he saw it in a movie and it looks cool, or because somebody started doing it in real life and movies spread it and made it popular? The God of Time “Clocks’ Man” is not only bring time but colours with him.

This was achieved in colour grading by simply creating colour nodes and spreading the RGB channels, adjusting the (high, mid, low) channels, luminance and saturation. Then ordering each channel to track the selection position. This took long time to execute but I’m happy with the result.

 A door opens and the only thing we can hear is the squeaking from the old wooden door, there is nothing coming from the other side.When he walks towards the door, it’s so silent we hear his Footsteps loudly. We are entering with him the vicinity of an area adjacent to a place.

The kind of location where there might be another dimension or some kind of monster.


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