Every womanirrespective of age has a fondness for accessorizing with jewellery. However, Jewellery at the workplace has alwaysbeen a tricky concept- what comes under the ambit of being appropriate and whatdoesn’t, has always perplexed the modern woman. From trying to understandwhether there’s a concept like everyday fine jewellery, to pairing the rightamount of jewellery with a corporate outfit- we’ve all been in that dilemma.

However, jewellery can be the perfect ace up your sleeve to take work wear to anew level, while still looking extremely chic and polished.Thisarticle is an attempt to advice you on wearing jewellery at work in the best possibleclassiest way. Glam up with simplicity  The office jewellery is all about being simple and elegant. Keep inmind office jewellery is not about heavy duty traditional jewellery.

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Simpleornaments such as a small diamond studded pendent can give you subtle yet chiclook. Try not to include too many colors in your oufit, for example, if youhave worn black paint with grey shirt then the color of jewellery should bematching with your bottoms.  Go ethnic Fashiontrends are shifting and ethnic is in rage these days. To create your own stylestatement you can opt for regional jewellery such as Rajantani, Tribal etc thatgoes with your outfit. In fact, it is becoming the hottest trend among socialitesand even working women alike.

Ethnic jewellery ranging from pendants,necklaces, jhumkas and statement rings that tell a story — is a big trend inthis season. The best tip to embellish your modern look with some bold tribeinspired ornaments is to pair them up with a simple kurta or even t-shirt.Long neckpiecesThin chainsor pendants are the easiest ways to spruce up a formal outfit, especially ifyou opt for something unique and understated like a long, pearl stringjuxtaposed with gold beads or a long, beautifully strung medallion pendant.This will help you look contemporary and classy- as long necklaces areattractive and high on impact. That being said, ensure that you don’t wearearrings or wear very tiny studs on your ears while donning these neckpieces,to refrain from looking over the top. Colours Although wearing coloured  jewellery at the workplace is not recommended-one that could work and is a personal favourite are sapphires, the stunningnavy blue gemstone. Exactly the right colour for almost all your dark tonedformalwear, jewellery made with this gemstone especially pops in the wintermonths and against monochrome clothing.

Ensure that your jewellery doesn’t havetoo much colour- for example, too many rubies and emeralds clashing on onepiece of bijouterie. Restrict yourself to wearing only two pieces of jewelleryat a time, out of which only one should have colour. Show your personalityAlways gofor the jewellery which makes you feel confident same time it should enhanceyour personality. Classis jewellery items such as Pearls are known for theirtimeless beauty and elegance. If you just cannot figure out what to wear justgo with simple Pearl necklace or ring to define your style.

Do bear in mind, youcannot wear everything at once, but opt for those items that give you theconfidence boost in the workplace.         


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