EveryOrganization has their own structure of managing the organization as per therestandards and policies. Mainly Organization has set up with 5things such as Process(Planning, Decision Making, Organizing or re-organizing, Goal Setting,Communication, Motivation and Meetings), Structural (Road Map, establish theset of Rules and process), Human Resource (Recruiting Right Candidate, buildingcommitment and Growth actualization), Political (Power, coalitions, Bargainingand manipulating) and Symbolic (Build Values, Bonding, Responsiveness). Well, Quest Diagnostics do have their ownorganizational structure and standards of policies followed by abovedefinition. The Quest was established in 1967 in New York and it names asQuests Diagnostic center legally in the year of 1996.Till 2012 the organizationlaunched their own labs, equipment’s, service and operational centers with mostCore Business of laboratory with top growth in stocks and won many notableawards.Although, the company began to fail by losingthe business against their compotators in 2008 but Under new CEO SteveRuschowski the Quest Diagnostic was selected and given Excellence award withsale of $7.4 Billion turn over revenue and owned many diagnostic tests with largenetwork of regional labs with 2000 patients service center and having employersof 43,000 people in his organization.

The Quest Diagnostics supports 24*7*365call center services for the customer on average of 55,000 calls per day and20million over a year with mainly 70Percentage of Inbound calls followed byOutbound calls on priority or escalated issues.In 2013 The CEO hired the Davis to leadQuests by improving the production system, standardizing the patient service withlogistics and process. While he was leading this operation, he noticed thatthere was a critical issue of employee turnover in call center in resolving thecustomer group call center and to fix it they might start recruiting,onboarding, training and make the new joiner perfect till they meet theproductivity standards.

To achieve it the budget may varies $8,000-$10,000 peron boarding each employee and however there are many employees leaving everyyear which effects the company $50 million -70million loss. However, in 2013 National Customer Servicehas consolidated with 20 regional centers with service center in Kansas andFlorida. The Customer service center started being in trouble at both locationas the representative who are inexperienced, and which leads to productivityand poor customer satisfication.

Moreover, 60Percent of representatives left theirjob and puts the company in loss of $10.5 million a year. Apart from that VPDavis used to receive a call stating that they have loosed the customersbecause the customer didn’t get the answers from Customer service team and thisissue goes with huge loss for the company and it was operated without a properleader for 6months. Executive level took a decision to hire Camacho to fix thisproblem in Customer Service center.

MaryAnn Camacho was an Executive Directorfor national customer service center and she used to work for GE Health Care byholding varies roles and responsibilities. She played a Key role in GEHealthcare by operating a business operation of handling 2.2Billion businessProject in US and Canada. Apart from that she holds Six Sigma Belt and MBA fromMarquette University.  MaryAnn Camacho was hired as ExecutiveDirector for National Customer Service and she would be leading both locationsof service center one in Lenexa, Kansas and Tampa, Florida.Camacho main priority was to deal with the Call Center and answer the phonequickly by the right people. Camacho understood the clear picture of challengesand to start her job from Lenexa, Kansas location.

She targeted four issues followedWages which plays a key and significant role in every organization as wages arepayed as per there experience and real time knowledge of job requirement. Thepay was main reason for many employees who left their job in quest and movedout for better pay and second, she found the issues in representative byknowing the cause of lacking skill. Hence, she creates a path for everyone bysetting up their skill and motivating them. Apart from that she hired wells experienceSupervisors who can understand their employees, planning, organization and setthe path for representatives and lastly Camacho Maintain the Service center byputting the where it requires the right candidate with dedication andcommitment towards their work.            As Ms. Camacho, worked on each ofthe issues as mentioned above and spent her time by walking on the floor and andmaking conversation with employee about the there job responsibilities byinterviewing the service center representatives to understand more how thereare doing excellent job while handling the client call. She used to have aregular touch base meeting with the managers and supervisors about the qualityand performance check about the call history and she is used listen on going callof there client and used the guide the representative where they have pick andwhat need to respond back to customer or clients. Apart from that she wascreated an environment in the office where representative can interact withother employees.

. She made her self to available for there team and representativeall the time with door open. She solved the above problem in good andnon-threating way to their employee.

            Finally, Camacho was done an great andfantastic job by making team together and knowing the cause of the issues in thedepartment and considering those issues she wants to set up the time to dropthe call with direct resolution which help the customer to get the solutionquickly with in time of 2minutes and she want the service center place to beinspirable work location within team and operation changes which will really helpthe customers, clients and employee with more outcome. She made her attentionof solving the issue by operations, staffing and HR problems and quality workdone by employee by addressing the representative issues and concerns of payand career paths.


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