Ever since my childhood, I used to observe my uncle who is a reputed Software consultant in Hyderabad, India. He was the primary source of my inspiration to undertake Computer Science Engineering as a profession. Even when I was in elementary school, I used to observe him when he worked at home. Initially I would ask him basic questions about his work and how ideas are transformed into reality.

Later on, after high school, I used to catch up with his working procedure which intrigued my interest. I have experienced at first hand the satisfaction one gets from this profession. It is a sheer joy to see your creation get appreciated by people from all walks of life.

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I knew that this would be a promising career prospect for me.Starting off with my academics, I completed my schooling from St. Josephs School, Hyderabad, India. My school helped me develop better in the field of Computer Science, right from the early stages. I secured 86% marks in Computer Science in the Board examinations of tenth standard, which was the highest score of all the subjects I appeared for. Keeping sincerity and hard work as the formula, I joined Narayana Junior College, Hyderabad, India. I secured 83% marks in my Board of Intermediate. I made Computer Science Engineering as my field of study.

I secured a seat in this discipline of engineering at Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, India.During my freshman year, the course of Programming in C &C++ was taught in such a simplistic and engaging method that it helped me secure 73 percent marks in that particular course. This bolstered my confidence at the start of my undergraduate studies and it sparked an interest to me to excel in the computer programming courses and to complete them with good grades. During the sophomore year, I loved studying the courses of Discrete Structures and Data Communications. Discrete Structures helped me to enhance my problem-solving skills.

Data Communications gave me vital insight into the transmission and communication interface of data.The thirst for practical knowledge never faded. I have always had a habit of finishing my lab experiments on or before time. In labs, my faculty imparted a great deal of knowledge. I have a keen interest in learning new concepts and practically implement them. I joined the IEEE Computer Society (ICS) Student body of my college, where I acquired knowledge about the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR) and Cloud Computing.

I was able to implement them practically during the hands-on sessions. Engineering, at this point of time seemed as a natural extrapolation of my abilities and interests. Even though I had made Computer Science as my career, I was not sure of pursuing any advanced degree until the Summer of 2016. That was the year when I visited Google, Hyderabad for attending a seminar on trending technologies that shall revolutionize the world. I was stunned after learning about Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Machine Learning, 3D printing, Deep Learning.

Those fascinating lectures on these trends which are still entrenched in my memory helped me in realizing my aim in life, Computer Networks &Information Security. Every technology stands out in its respective area of application and hold prestigious outcomes. To think, its awe-inspiring to learn comprehensive information on Networking, Security, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud computing. I hope to contribute in making the latest technologies familiar to everyone in my developing country. I would also be the first person in my family to pursue a higher degree.

My parents have always encouraged me to learn about the profession beyond the college curriculum. Whenever I could, I would attend public conferences, meetings and also accompany my uncle to his IT firm. These made me learn about the practical problems faced while developing a project and how to tackle them. I have closely followed the entire development of a Java based Android application. This has allowed me to understand how service requirements play a significant role in creating a project.Apart from my academic pursuits, I have regularly participated in the inter-college events such as debate, extempore and general quizzes.

I actively participated in the National Level Hackathon held in our college. I also won Second prize in Innovatia Panoply – An intra college mini project competition. I have also been a close member in organizing our college departmental technical fest. This has taught me to work as an effective team player.

I am an avid reader of ‘PC Quest’ magazine as it keeps me updated with advancements in the software industry. Apart from these I am a regular chess and table tennis player.After completing four years of my undergraduate study I am confident that I am up for the task of acquiring a Master’s degree. Although there is vast scope for research in computer science worldwide, it is very limited in India in terms of the infrastructure and expertise that this field demands.

I firmly believe that studying in Republic of Canada is my first step to global exposure. The quality of education and the excellent research work at the University of Windsor makes it a wpremium destination for any graduate student.The course Masters of Applied Computing – MAC which being offered by University of Windsor matches my areas of interest. I have already paid a tuition fee of CAD $14620.00 and also enrolled myself in the GIC program being offered by Nova Scotia Bank.

I am being funded by my parents for the complete duration of study. My long-term ambition is to establish myself as a reputed software engineer in the Computer Science industry in India aaaa


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