Ever since childhood, I am fascinated by science and technology around me. I wanted to become scientist because new invention and new discoveries always ___Fascinated__ me.

I believed in “Life is a do-it-yourself project” and so in my childhood, I tried to open and understand the mechanism of each components. At the age of 13, my father bought me a computer. I became obsessed with the game Need for Speed and wanted to clear all the levels.

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My first experience with computers completely fascinated me and I was in awe of how machines could perform such complex tasks. Consequently, I took up computer science in high school. My first school project was a game Snake and ladder based on C language. I completed my undergraduate studies from Lilaben Dashrathbhai Patel Institute of Technology and Research (LDRP- ITR) in the field of Electronic & Communication Engineering.

Due to the blend of computer science, electronic and communication and humanities courses, the program took more comprehensive approach to technology and gave an overview of all the components involved in building something from scratch. My sophomore year comprises of Control system, Embedded System design, Electromagnetic theory & signals and Advance Digital Electronics. The teaching of these courses and the project associated were proved to be the backbone of my work.Studying Digital Electronics and binary language in the 4th semester made me realize the power of digital computing.

I attended the workshop for Raspberry Pi where I learned how powerful the small single board is. Taking a step forward, I developed my final year project- Portable computer based on Raspberry PI. The project dealt with the understanding of Raspberry pi working and basics of Linux. The project could run on the supply of only 5 volt AC. The project taught me           the co-ordination between hardware and software  


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