Europa Fm is a Spanish radio
broadcast station owned by Atresmedia. their central studios are in Barcelona
and it has national distance and covers through a chain of stations in
modulated frequency internet and mobile applications .

Europa FM began broadcasting on 15 of
April of 1996 on Mini wave frequencies. The programming of the new station was
based on a selection of musical hits in radio formula , aimed at an audience
between 18 and 55 years, which would add a few spaces of the missing radio.

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Europa FM focused on the young public
(18 to 35 years old) and is based, On the musical radio formula would focus on
pop songs. On the other hand, programs and presenters from catalonia and other
parts of Spain were incorporated to the program to give a more detailed
information and experience to the radio show.

According to the data of the General
Media Study, the station had more 133,000 listeners. One year after the
signing, Onda Cero tried to recover some of the frequencies assigned to Europa
FM, so the music radio demanded them. The situation was solved with a new
agreement in 2000  whereby Europa FM
would maintain its musical formula in exchange for issuing newsletters.

I overall, like a lot this radio show
because has everything I like in a radio. They have good and popular music
songs, they have good presenters which explains and advertise a very range of
important information of singer, authors and concerts. I also like that this
radio show can be listened in all the spain and if you are in another country
you have also the possibility of hear it, by downloading the app of the radio. 


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