issues are classic concerns in every aspect of human life. Every religions and
races put ethics as one of the most critical questions in daily life. And why
is that? Because without ethics, there in neither right or wrong in this world.
With that in mind, ethics do also plays an important role in research. Ethics
defines what is okay and what is not. Authentication, fabrication,
confidentiality, plagiarism, informed consent and many more are among
compulsory term when discussing ethics considerations in every single research
on earth. Those ethical issues inevitably will result whether the research will
remain as an academic product, or being thrown away as trash.

consent has a few different meanings, depends on what fields it is referred.
For example, a healthcare provider such as nurses or doctor needs the patient’s
consent prior to any treatment. The patient has the rights to be explained in
such detail what procedure the doctor is going to take, and the risks that
might appear after that particular procedure. Meanwhile, an employer may need
the consent from their employees before giving them any tasks. A researcher, on
the other hand, need the participants or subjects signing the consent form before
enrolling them into any clinical trial. The consent form, in the easiest way to
be understands, is created to ensure the subjects or participants to have ample
information about the following procedure to be joined and make the best,
well-informed decision.

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Let us zoom
in and take a look in detail, how does informed consent in research using human
subject really work. For better understanding, take the four evergreen issues
regarding this topic – purposes of the research, risks, participant’s rights,
and confidentiality. The upmost issues should be revolving about the research’s
purposes. At the very beginning, the researchers who conduct the research must
have clear aims and how the research will be end. Next, the researcher must
adopt the best way to explain those visions unto the participants. Besides
that, among others things that should be clarified are the benefit of the
research to the community and mankind. 


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