ETHICAL ISSUE FACING HEALTH CARE “Portland Mayor Sam Adams to push sex-change benefits for city employees” this topped headline news on the Oregonian newspaper on May 31, 2011 (Slovic, 2011 ). This raises the question whether having a sexual orientation change a privilege or a right. With the health care organization changing rapidly and the need for medical procedures become more at a demand, health care insurance are challenged with a decision to cover transgender sex changes within its policy.

Within this paper this ethical issue of sex changes, the impacted population, and recommend solutions to this ethical issue will be discussed.With the first law suit of its kind, Oregon State and its public employee benefits board is being confronted with a law suit that states, “Oregon’s anti-discrimination law prohibits an employer from denying insurance coverage on the basis of gender identity (Carson, 2011). ” The population that this ethical issue most impacts is those who have been diagnosed with gender identity disorder.

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According to the San Francisco Chronicle (Gordon, 2001 ), in 2001 San Francisco was the first city to provide sex change benefits. However, the price for the males to females cost about 37,000 and females to males range around 77,000.A proposed solution to this issue today includes many insurance companies covering such procedure and surgeries. For example, Cigna insurance now provides a medical coverage policy which explains in detail about the particular body transformation coverage.

In conclusion, most insurance companies today are adopting this new trend to have such procedure and surgery cover. However, many ethical issues have been raised to meet the state law on the basis of gender identity. With many states trying to pass such law, health insurance companies continue to adopt a policy coverage.


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