Aaron Carlson Period 2 – History III 3/29/10 WWI Essay – Causes of War Even today, the causes of World War one is still being debated and the great war started 96 years ago and ended 92 years ago.

Yet today after so much time the main cause of the war still remains unexposed to this day. What triggered the whole war was the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie of Austria-Hungary on June 28th 1914 by The Black Hand. The assassination happened because of feelings toward the Serbians.

The Archduke and his wife were on a parade route in their car during their visit to Sarajevo.Many assassins were lined up to take the kill of the Archduke but all failed, there was one young assassin named Gavrilo Princip. After all the assassins failed, including him, he went to get lunch, the Archdukes car just so happened to take the wrong turn down the street he was on, Gravilo shot and killed both the Archduke and his wife, he ran but was caught later by police, he died on April 28th, 1918 at Theresienstadt in Austria-Hungary.

Even though the assassination of the Archduke triggered World War I as a short term cause, one of the long term causes of World War I was Imperialism.One main cause of the war was imperialism. The increase rivalry in Europe was imperialism and a major cause of the war. The most powerful countries of Europe such as Great Britain, Germany, and France needed the foreign countries and their markets after a mass building and manufacturing caused by the Industrial Revolution. Rivalries of the big powers started in the 1880’s by the race for colonies which made most of Africa and Asia under European control. The race for the worlds resources was big, it was competition for colonies in the world.During this time of competition, alliances were formed around the European nations, you need bigger numbers for defense if attacks were to happen. Those alliances consisted of The Triple Entente with Britain, France, and Russia and there’s The Triple Alliance with Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and The Ottoman Empire allied with Germany.

In the middle of all that, Bulgaria and Serbia are allied with Russia, Ottoman Empire, and Austria-Hungary, this was called The Web of alliances. In 1914 there weren’t really any “big” conflicts, Africa becoming fully claimed by the European nations.Imperialism and competition for the worlds resources could have played a big role in the start of World War I. Another main cause of World War I was Militarism. For each country there was a big increase in military and naval forces.

For each country there was a big increase in military and navel forces. The policies and government created a big influence on the military men and because of this, force was a alternative as solutions to problems. This is what made militarism one of the main causes of World War I. There was a rise in military influence on policy making after 1907, in countries such as Germany and Russia.During this period of time the German Army was known as a “state within a state”. Everybody in the government such as the parliament and politicians were required to follow the General staff.

The war atmosphere was endangered. It was because of the secret alliances and that triggered a armaments race among all the powers. During 1900-1914 the race became very serious and the international situation became much worse then ever before. During these years there was a rise in army and navel estimates. There was so much military rivalry within countries competing for the biggest amount of forces and naval ships.The big increase in military and navel power is what lead to the belief that the war was indeed coming. All the military races and preparation strengthened this belief. Militarism was another cause of World War I.

There are so many reasons to the cause of World War I. It is in fact still being debated today. World War I involved all the countries of Europe and some outside of Europe but each took part in World War I’s outbreak. Each country took part in the imperialism and militarism that also may have been a cause to the war.Obviously the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary triggered the start of the war.

Some people say Germany was the main cause of World War I because they wanted to be stronger and far more superior then the other nations. The real reason of World War I starting was of imperialism. The outbreak of fighting in Africa basically caused the war. All the countries fighting with each other for territory heats everybody up thus starting the war. It started with imperialism by taking land, then militarism, by racing to make the biggest armies, and then the web of the secret alliances.All these reasons were causes to the war, with assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary triggering it all and imperialism starting the great war.

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