With the world becoming more diverse and the workplace becoming more and more multicultural, diversity has brought new importance to the workplace. In the beginning, political correctness, affirmative action and disparities in pay pushed employers into changes to their recruiting practices.

A modern workplace may consist of employees of varying age, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion and other factors.Combining people from these different backgrounds can invite tension in the workplace. However, it can also offer different perspectives and insights from each individual that can drive the company to successes in many ways. Worldwide Telecommunications Inc. has confronted this rather complex issue and has turned it into and opportunity to encourage not only a multicultural work environment, but be portrayed as a multicultural company that the public can relate to. The diverse backgrounds of the employees will have an effect on the way the diverse community sees and interacts with the company in a positive way.

This unique idea was not without its problems. A diverse workplace can lead to struggles and challenges as people from different ages, genders, ethnicities, cultures and religions learn to work together. When they see the added features of bringing this diverse group of people together, the bond between the members of this unique group will be tighter and their interactions will be less uncomfortable. About Worldwide Telecommunications Incorporated Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc is one of the largest, thriving, full service communications company in existence today.Since 1986, this worldwide communications corporation has impacted its clientele tremendously by consistently providing greatness in terms of customer service. This company has distinguished themselves in a broad range of ways.

One way is in their creation of platforms for integrating video, voice, and data components. They also offer platforms for phone services; which makes voice, video, and data components accessible from an individual’s computer. They are the choice data service provider for chain clients such as: restaurants, lodging services, and other public venues worldwide.Worldwide Telecommunications Incorporated has established its brand through hard work, dependability, and perseverance. Its dedication to its customers is unsurpassed by any other company in that particular industry. What is a Multicultural Workforce One of the most crucial components of a company’s success or failure is its employees. A multicultural workforce is one wherein a company’s employees include members of a variety of ethnic, racial, religious, and gender backgrounds (Multicultural Workforce.Para 2).

According to the U. S Equal Employment Commission (EEOC), it is more beneficial for a company to have a multicultural employee population. African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and other ethnic groups are becoming more prominent in the American fabric. In some business and organizations, there is a great deal of negativity associated with workplace diversity. Discriminatory acts are being committed because of components such as race, religion, politics, and sexual preference.By engaging in this type of behavior, companies are not reaching their highest peaks because the employees are focused on frivolousness instead of the pursuit of the company’s primary goals. However, once a company has made the decision to embrace those differences they will experience the endless possibilities of success. Variety is a key component in Worldwide Telecommunication’s accomplishments since 1986.

Worldwide Telecommunications must take advantage of the cultural resources in order to capitalize in growth and development. How a multicultural workforce can affect teamworkOne way a multicultural workforce can affect teamwork is by exposing employees to different perspectives and insights within the workplace. Each employee has a unique characteristic that they contribute to their work environment on a daily basis. The inclusion of various cultural components could enhance the way a business or organization functions. People of different nationalities, for example, often have different assumptions about the root causes of problems; and they will also have different ideas of how to solve them (Face Uncertainty with Diversity).

Problems that may arise within the company can be more easily diffused with input from people whom may have a different approach to arriving at a sensible conclusion. Multicultural perspectives could help to shape the atmosphere into one that is more balanced and harmonious. By being diplomatic and respectful to other’s opinions, employees of Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc will be motivated to contribute to any solution in the future. The company’s creativity is increased because of the individuals with different origins and backgrounds.Their life experiences have over time shaped their way of thinking, which may not be typical. Brainstorming will become more of a welcomed challenged than a task due to the incorporation of the multicultural population. Another way a company can be affected by establishing a multicultural workforce is through the use of mandatory diversity training.

Diversity training will undoubtedly influence company cohesiveness through seminars and workshops that are provided by the company. These workshops and seminars will raise awareness, while constructing a level of sensitivity and understanding in different cultural groups.Negative attitudes and behaviors can be barriers to organizational diversity. It is because they have the ability to harm working relationships. Those attitudes can also damage morale amongst the company’s employees. In some cases, manager’s encounter losses in personnel and in work productivity due to prejudices, discriminatory complaints, and legal action against the business or organization. A multicultural workforce can also sharpen communication skills amongst company employees. An inability to effectively communicate among peers is the leading cause of failure within any company.

Few things are more important to conducting business on a global scale than skill in intercultural communication (Listen Up. Para 14). Workplace communication involves listening, retaining, and responding to all individuals regardless of the culture background. Effective communication can lead to fulfilling all goals a company has to satisfy its clients.

Communication can make or break the flow of a team in regards to what its members they are attempting to accomplish together. Once the barriers associated with a diverse environment are crossed, anything is attainable.In an effort to communicate the common goal, employees will have to discover more innovative ways to make and prove their points. As a result, these methods will make it easier for the entire workforce to respond to each other. This will enable a sense of fellowship amongst employees, thus creating an ideal work situation. Once a method of effective communication is reached, the employees can interact in a more productive manner for the good of the company. Increased globalization is another beneficial factor of a multicultural workforce.

Advances in communication and transportation technology, combined with free-market ideology, have given goods, services, and capital unprecedented mobility (Globalization of the Economy). The telecommunication’s market is an apparent representation of expansion in this unstable economy. People value the ability to communicate with friends, family, and associates through advanced forms of technology. Methods of dialogue are constantly being reinvented in order to achieve the ultimate communication experience. The telecommunication’s industry is vast and expansive due to the rapid changes in our social environments.

The art of socialization has come a long way both nationally, and internationally, reaching other parts of the world in a tremendous way. This allows for business and organizations to extend their services to a broader clientele. Technological trends are breaking down international barriers on a daily basis. This is an excellent aspect from a business standpoint, because it presents the opportunity for growth and opportunity. In order For a company like WWT to go global, it takes a diverse employee population. This will expose the company’s core values of fairness and equality to the rest of the world.Therefore, customers of Worldwide Telecommunications Inc will more willingly support its journey of prosperity.

Trends in society create a more expansive perspective on the inclusion of other cultures in the workplace. Globalization is capable of thrusting an organization into a more competitive playing field. One way that a multicultural workforce can aid in establishing globalization is by admitting the uniqueness and cultural traits into their job performance. Worldwide Communications must learn to treat its diverse employees with respect while simultaneously taking dvantage of their life experiences. These experiences lead to different approaches to problems the company will encounter. This will result in more open dialogue between employees, thus introducing new concepts and ideas. As suggestions become more innovative, Worldwide Telecommunications Inc.

will profit by inheriting more revenue along with more customers. Conclusion Worldwide Telecommunications Incorporated, one of the world’s largest successful telecommunications companies, has realized that they must leverage diversity.While some companies have viewed multiculturalism as a stigma, Worldwide Telecommunications Inc.

is taking advantage of the many opportunities of rich variety that multiculturalism has to offer. The company utilizes tools such as diversity training in order to maintain the awareness required among its employees to be successful in utilizing diversity. These workshops also help to minimize negative effects of prejudices; such as loss of personnel, which can be costly; internal complaints, which can cost man hours; legal actions; ,and productivity among the employees.Through the awareness and acceptance of this diversity Worldwide Communications Inc. is able to expand its global reach in ways that may not have been possible otherwise. Part of the reason that the company is doing so well is that they have taken advantage of the different perspectives and insights that multiculturalism has to offer. Through these diversities the employees build better communications skills, which aid them both in the workplace and in customer service.This whole approach has worked very well for a telecommunications company, as technology has continued to advance the capabilities of global communications, Worldwide Telecommunications Inc.

has harnessed those capabilities with open arms both as a business model, and as an internal policy. Through the harnessing of internal diversity, coupled with hard work and a keen view of technological advances, Worldwide Telecommunications Incorporated has established themselves as a leader in this extremely competitive market.Through globalization Worldwide Telecommunications Inc has created the need for acceptance and diversity. In this they have excelled by not only meeting the challenges, but by utilizing their experiences and accomplishments to expand their customer service, and satisfaction. So when those chain clients go to Worldwide Telecommunications Inc for their communications needs, they know they are getting a globally diverse and globally experienced company with much to offer. References www. allbusiness. om Managing a Multicultural Workforce.

Retrieved September 30,2009 www. womancapital. nl.

Face Uncertainty with Diversity. Retrieved October 1,2009 www. bus. wisc. edu. Listen Up. Retrieved September 22,2009 www.

globalpolicy. org. Globalization of the Economy. Retrieved September 23,2009 Week Four Draft Final Research Paper LT A Team A, You did a comprehensive and insightful job on the draft of your final research paper on the power of multi-cultural work force at an International telecommunications company.You covered not only the company but the far more important element of the issue, with passages like this: One way that a multicultural workforce can aid in establishing globalization is by admitting the uniqueness and cultural traits into their job performance. Worldwide Communications must learn to treat its diverse employees with respect while simultaneously taking advantage of their life experiences.

That wasn’t taken from the prominent places of your opening or conclusion; it was an example of how your narrative sought out new aspects of the topic, explained them, and then moved on to the next.You chose good sources and made use of them. You packed a lot of information into a generally readable narrative. You used good transitions to bridge your sections. Mistakes in number and some other errors prevented this paper from earning a perfect score.

There is still the revision ahead in Week Five, however. Below, I’ve included a breakdown of how many points you earned in each area. Please note that after each area listed below, there is a general description of what I’m looking for when I evaluate your paper.

The comments that are specific to your paper are listed in ALL CAPS for easy viewing. _4_ Content (worth 4 points): Thesis statement is clear and prominent. The body of the paper is substantive and well-developed. The body paragraphs relate back to and support the thesis. The last paragraph(s) lends closure to the discussion. YOU GAVE READERS TWO MAIN THEMES, DIVERSITY AND HOW THE COMPANY WORKS, AND YOU DID BOTH OF THEM JUSTICE WITH CLEAR WRITING AND GOOD USE OF SOURCES.

3 Organization (worth 3 points): There is an effective, overall organizational plan for the paper. Topic sentences appear near the beginning of most paragraphs.Transitional sentences and phrases are used throughout the paper to show the relationship between ideas. Paragraphs are well-organized. THE ORGANIZATION WAS STRAIGHTFORWARD,GETTING RIGHT INTO THE TOPICS AND KEEPING ATTENTION ON THEM WITH PAUSES FOR INTERNAL SUMMARIES.

__ 2. 5 Sentence Structure, Grammar, punctuation, and spelling (worth 3 points): To receive full points in this area, the paper must not contain sentence-level errors. PROBLEMS OF NUMBER AND A RUN-ON SENTENCE. 9. 5 Your total points earned on this paper (out of 10 points).


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