Little or much, well or poorly, many of us today have learnt English. But have we ever come up with an ask questioning why we basically do that? In my learning English, many people have asked me why I learn English. Normally, I would answer either saying that I just simply enjoy it or explaining it for the want to better communicate with the foreign people. And I guess most of people would think it so or probably agree more to the latter one. Truth is, I still don’t really know what I am working so hard for.

As a matter of fact, I often question myself, wondering if I really like learning English. After much deliberation, I still can’t decide if I really love it, I mean the simple and pure love that solely motivates me to keep learning. And for how I started learning English, it was just something that I can’t choose. English seems like a subject set by school which symbolizes something that we have to deal with, not something we actively want. Besides, I don’t see any students using English out of exams if English is said to be a useful and helpful language.

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These are all the ideas that would occasionally rush through my mind. I would like to ask, if so, why do we still need to learn so much English that it almost becomes a regularity to take English lesson every day? All the people around me took it just a silly question to answer. They ended up laughing off the question though none of them was able to give me a definite reason of why. I thought a lot about that later myself. After cogitating for a long time, I fianlly came up with a convincing answer to my question.

To learn English is just as all the other things we learn to do which should not be understood solely as a purpose of something, but the process. I know the opinion may be a little bit old as to be applied to learning things. But it is reallly the case that if you don’t even learn to enjoy the process, you are not to have something valuable gained and obtained. We always like to learn English for the clear and seemingly inevitable purpose of going abroad or just getting a higher exam score.

It is actually these burdens that make the learning hard and ourselves perplexed over times. In fact, we don’t necessarily need to find out what our aim is in learning English and basically we can’t. No one never knows how , when and why English would help us in the future. English can just be taken as a skill or hobby. We learn it for we like it. Isn’t that an easier way to explain,understand and motivate? Really, we need not spend time figuring out why we learn it just as I did because learning it does not need a reason


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