Web Search Report Worksheet Name: Gary Pratt Search Engine: Google Section #1: Features of the Search Engine Identify which features can be found in your search engine. Your search engine may have one or multiple features. Does it: _Yes__ Search the web? _No__ Search other search engines? _No__ Act as a directory (lists of categories to select from)? Does it: _Yes__ Have an advanced search option? _Yes__ Have “Help” options? _Yes__ Use Boolean Logic (and, or, not)? _No__ Use Truncation/Wild Card Characters or Special Characters (*, ? ~) _Yes__ Translate web pages? _Yes__ Allow field limiting searches (can you search for filetypes, site, intitle)* _Yes__ Allow you to do a search within a completed search (find similar pages, offer terms to narrow your search)? __Yes_ Recognize parentheses or quotation marks to search for phrases? __Yes_ Allow you to change the way the page is displayed (number returns on the page, preferred language)? __Yes_ List the number of pages in the database? __Yes_ Explain how the results are ranked? Please list other Noteworthy Features:

Google also offers a safe search filter so that sexually explicit content will not appear in your search results. It also allows you to open the search results in a new window. You also have the option of having the query suggestions in the search box. Section #2: Overall Evaluation (Create a bulleted list for each question) After reviewing the key features of your search engine, answer the following questions: What are the strengths of your search engine? Google is a very robust search engine that is highly adjustable to meet everyone’s needs.

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You can search by website, image, map or other file type. It gives you millions of results and ranks those results according to relevance and page rank. PageRank is a trademark of Google but the patent is assigned to Sanford University not to Google. PageRank will show the most visited sites at the top of the list. What are the weaknesses of your search engine? The weakness of Google is that it is easy for some people to manipulate the results of the PageRank and give erroneous results.

In my opinion, Google returns too many results and that makes it hard sometimes to find the information you are actually looking for. What would you change about your search engine? I would have Google return fewer results in the search. They need to make it more intuitive and return just the results that you need. When I search for an item for purchasing, I need some place here in the US and not a company in the UK. The site from the UK should be ranked much lower on my search if returned at all.


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