In the case “Viva Las Vegas,” is shown how the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority completely changed the type and quality of Las Vegas’ entertainment in order to match, at its best, anyone’s tastes. Due to cyclical demand in the travel industry, the hotel/casino movement was suffering a crisis which pushed LVCVA to make an extended research in 2001 that helped in targeting their markets. Data were able to show which type of ethnicity and household economy situation in order to plan at best its great promotion campaign. . What bases does the LVCVA use for segmenting its target market? Market segmentation helps marketers in dividing a market based on different characteristics such geographic, demographic and psychographic. The data from 2001’s research showed how “African Americans, Hispanics and Asian Americans accounted for 9, 5, and 5 percent of the total visitor pool. ” Thus, one of the bases of LVCVA market segmentation is ethnicity.

LVCVA, using ethnic and lifestyle segmentation, focused on a series of commercial aired in 2003-04 showing how Vegas is a city for anyone and for any occasion—the commercials concentrated in showing different ethnicity having a good time in various situations around the city. Hispanics were mostly targeted with commercial recorded in Spanish language and with organization like the International Association of Hispanic Meeting Planners and for African-Americans, the National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners.

When it came to increase the already low visitor volume from the neighborhood Canada, LVCVA used geodemographics segmentation. Geographic, demographic and lifestyle segmentation were all combined in order to increase the amount of Canadians in the city—trade shows where hosted in the desert and leisure travel planners attended events in Canada to promote their cause. Income segmentation was used for increasing the emerging regional market identified in Portland, Oregon and Atlanta. LVCVA focused on many segments in order to offer a city for anyone at anytime.


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