Nowadays, visual communication has developed in the line of the developing of technology. Firstly, what is the meaning of visual communication? In my word, visual communication is a process where by information is delivered using media that can be read or looked. Moreover, the idea of visual communication is how to express your idea into its media and it is really depend on your ability to synchronise between your idea in your brain and your translation into its media. The aim is to tell the people in attractive way, so people can easily understand it.

In the past people used a visual communication just in limited way. For instance, they just use a typography as a media to deliver the idea or information likes newspaper, telegram, etc. Nowadays, visual communication has developed into wide variety such as typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, and so on. Actually i’m concerning about graphic design; so in here, I try to explain more detail about typography and graphic design, and combine it to make an implementation into business communication such as advertising. Secondly, making a visual communication really need sense of art in every side.

For instance, if you want to make an advertising banner, you can’t overlooked the character of the text that you used in that banner because each type of character has a different meaning and purpose. Therefore, the art of creating, selecting, arranging the glyph is called typography. In addition, each character has each function, so you must really pay attention of this thing, otherwise people will not understand what the exact meaning that you want to tell. For example, the character type using a ‘serif’ at the end of the stroke represent a formal type of text. If you use it on the title, it looks elegant and exclusive.

Many famous luxury brands use this kind of character as their type of character in their brand such as Victoria’s Secret, The Executive, Zara, etc. Moreover, it is also used when you want to type an essay or something like that in long characters, so it makes people easy to read. For instance, you can see it on the newspaper, magazine, and my essay that you are reading. However, if you want to make something that looks fun and attractive, you can use type of character that a little bit irregular shape. For example, you can see in the banner of distro store and clothing brand for teenager usually use it as their character of their brand.

Actually I really like to learn about typography but my skill still is very limited. So, I always analyze many banners that usually found in the cross road and guess what actually they are trying to explain to the viewer and I found out that most of them really don’t pay attention of this thing which is actually very important. Nowadays, graphic design become popular by the teenager to express their creation, imagination, etc. it is supported by many software that developed such as Coreldraw Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Graphic design is an art which combine many element such as shape, line, and colour.

Behind it all, to be master of graphic design is not easy. In addition, a lot of practice is needed and the idea must also be able to continue to appear. And the most difficult part is the idea itself. Searching a clue about a good picture sometimes really difficult and frustrating. The idea is very expensive even it is simple. For instance, Nike takes millions of dollar in order to create their tagline ‘Just do it’. Now, I want to implement what I explained above in to advertisement. A good ad is an ad that can make a persuasive communication on the target market and it is able to package the product messages that fit on the target.

Analytically, of course, it can not be done by graphic designers who only have an ability to operate the program. However, it takes a deep understanding of product understanding and the ability to build a character and identity of the product and then transform it into a visual form in a creative and communicative way, so it will be blended with the message and it can be received by the fixed market segment. In conclusion, visual communication is important if people want to communicate an information in different way.

It is very effective and efficient if you can use it properly. There are some elements that you have to be focused when you want to make an advertisement such as typography and graphic design. In fact, some marketers actually overlook of this things. As we can see, many banners in the cross road that actually not interesting and tend to be bored, so people don’t care about the banner and of course it is just wasting money for the marketer. However, if you want to use visual media; you have to concern of this thing so people can be interested of your ad.


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