A visit to Vivekananda Orphanage, Rembau For our General Studies final project, we planned to visit an orphanage in Rembau to do some charity work. When it reach the clock 6.

30am, we all need to be prepare and gather at the cafateria, put all the thing , toys , sweets and gifts beside and wait for our lecturer Miss Masheera to come. When miss come , we all go inside the bus and start our journey. It is about 1 hour journey to reach the orphanage. At 8. 20am we reach there, I was happy to see a lot of decorations to welcome us.

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The children already prepared for our arrival and were sitting in lines orderly.We tried to be cheerful and friendly to the children by waving and smiling at them. They looked happy and excited about our visits. They smiled, laugh, and clap when we talk to them. Then we start to introduce ourself then PA system people start to work, they prepare microphone for the mc and play out the song for the warm up dance. Then after the dance , the kids is divided into 5 group and each group have a facilitator to lead them through out the whole activity. The children were asked to create a group name and group cheer. All of them did well.

Their group names and cheers were creative and meaningful.They were energetic when shouting their cheers. After that , we had our tea break which the meal is tosai , this is the first time i eat it and it is very delicious. After eating, it was time for station games. The elder children play station games while the younger ones watched cartoons that we prepared for them. They really had fun with all the interesting games.

I can hear shouts, laughter and noises everywhere. We also join in the fun and play with the children. After playing all the games, all of us including the children gather back at the hall. Now was the time for the dance performance.We have indian dances and chinese dance which was performance by our classmateperformance by our classmate. The most interesting part was the children also prepare the dances for us, first it was girl group then after that is the boy group.

Everyone enjoyed the performance very much. By then, everyone was hungry and it was time for lunch. We were ordered to sit on the floor with the children in 2 lines, female in one side while male in another side. Each of us gets a plate with foods. Each of us sat between the children in order to get closer to them.

We were asked not to drink before we finish our food. After that, e watched some slide show then cleaned up. At about 3pm, we say goodbye to the children and the chairmen and then we start our journey back to INTI. In conclusion, i felt very happy because this visit teach me many things.

They just made me thought of how lucky i am . I have parents to take good care of me since i was young. I never need to worry about my daily life , everything is preapred. But on the other hand, the children can only depends on themselves and their friend. Therefore they learned disciplin, independent and appreciation.

Lastly, I hope that they can grow up well and become a useful person to the world in the future.


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