March 20, 2009 Differences between urban land and rural land. There are many distinct characteristics that allow us to easily differentiate between rural and urban areas. Urban areas have a high (concentrated) density because it contains high amounts of people in small areas, and vice versa for rural areas.

With this information, it can easily be inferred that urban areas create greater noise, but with greater job opportunities as well as using more resources.Therefore the prices rise and there is a greater chance that supply can’t compensate for demand, which then leads to things such as poverty. Urban areas also contain incredibly large amounts of human-created structures and there are a lot of different means of transportation to get around. These things help to develop problems such as health hazards, one example being smog which is a big problem in high-dense cities. With all the people, there are greater birth rates, death rates, and crime rates.

Not everything is bad though, such as commercial areas being close to residential areas and easy access to needs such as healthcare and food. Driving or owning a car is not mandatory if everything around you is close, which is the case for some people. For myself, I can say that I am almost in this situation, because my parents don’t drive to work, but we need cars for other activities. On the other hand, rural areas are basically the exact opposite of urban areas and also have their ups and downs.Rural areas are the countryside and is isolated from the outside work; usually have very low populations compared to cities.

This is good for people that like to have their space, especially when the houses are very far away from each other, where as in the city they can be attached or meters away from each other. Most of the time it is quite and the density are very low and since there is so much land, they can produce their own food. This then leads to low prices on food, and it also takes long to get to commercial areas for supplies and jobs are low, (not many opportunities).The land is cheaper in rural areas because not many people will purchase items from that store because of the low population, but rural areas also have their negative effects. If something goes wrong, usually there is no good accessible health care. Sometimes the education isn’t very good like the technology, and although there isn’t as much crime, this can lead to crimes that are easier to get away with because their probably wouldn’t be many witnesses if any compared too many witnesses in urban areas.Besides those facts, rural areas are naturally developed and the size of land it owns decreases every year because of the population growth and the development of new technologies that require space.


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