Case: UnME Jeans: Branding Web 2. 0 Solution #1 I think Margaret Foley is not spending enough on internet marketing as per her current media plan. According to Exhibit 1, UnME has projected the highest media budget is slotted for Television and the lowest for online banner and search marketing. I think that UnME should increase their expenditure for Online marketing due the emergence of Web 2.

0 that has attracted a lot curiosity among marketers and the users. I suggest that Ms.Foley reduce her advertising budget for newspaper by at least 10% and reduce budget allocated to television and radio by a small margin. The target market for UnME is teenage girls who are social, taste leaders in their communities and valued brand for their unique features.

This audience was showing a clear shift from traditional media channels to Web 2. 0. The reasons being: Lack of control over the information they acquire on television, newspapers and radio.

Overwhelmed by advertisers and cluttering of ads on the mediums.Emergence of new technology in hardware and software gave consumers more control over the type of ads they want to see and the content they wish to engage in. For UnME, the advantages of allocating a higher percentage of the budget on online marketing are: Appropriate audiences for the company can now be targeted with more accuracy and with increased efficiency. Since teenage girls would be part of social media communities and use the internet to obtain their choice of information, advertisers would easily locate them and display their ads on such virtual places.


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